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Youth and Corrections

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in ethnic and area studies, social sciences

Criminal Justice Is Not Racist

Our criminal justice system is expected to be fair , rational , and accurate at all times . But then again , in a nation where different nations have convened , it is not hard to imagine that just maybe , the criminal justice system is tainted – and that it inconspicuously works to protect the interests of the “real ” Americans , which are the Whites And so the Blacks , Hispanics , Asians , and Native Americans are unfortunately placed on the back burner of a criminal situation

We all seem to be forgetting the biggest lessons [banner_entry_middle]

of the 20th century when Martin Luther King had bravely challenged both the society and the government to stop racism . We are now supposed to be living in a world where discrimination is a thing of the past . But how come it is so hard to prove that the criminal a system is not racist

Juvenile detention cells are filled with generally black or brown teens , with just a handful of white teens living amongst them . Does this mean most white teenagers reside under rule of the law ? Are the African-Americans , Latinos , and Asians , always the troublemakers ? Maybe it ‘s just the way some people wish it would be . And it is just disappointing to know that these people are the very ones hoisted in the nation ‘s criminal justice system – the same system that is tasked to ensure justice , integrity , and righteousness of the entire nation . If this is the type of system we have , what then , is the kind of society we are living in

Change has to happen and it has to happen now . The works of the great men to demolish racial discrimination should not be put to waste . If there is something blatantly wrong in the justice system , amend it . If the problem is the people behind the organization , do away with them America is a strong and proud country . And it still is . But it won ‘t stay that way for too long . Not it if can ‘t uphold the rights of its own people – white or colored , pure-breed or half-breed , men or women alike Justice sees no color . We shouldn ‘t either… [banner_entry_footer]


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