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Jeanette B . Moore

December 11 , 2006

W .C . Bradley MTS , PhD

Human Sexuality

SS-50-1603 Sec . 01

Human Sexuality in Nashville ‘ Page 1

There is one scene in Robert Altman ‘s film Nashville ‘ that exemplifies sexual stereotypes in both men and women . The men in the scene exhibit stereotypical mob behavior , showing that men in groups expect to see a naked woman when attending a high-class ‘ event involving money . The woman exemplifies the stereotype that woman wish to be treated seriously though will ultimately fold [banner_entry_middle]

to men ‘s wishes when pressured enough

The scene is a fundraising event organized by John Triplette (Michael Murphy , the campaign manager for the fictional Replacement Party There are dozens of men in the room being entertained before signing their big checks over to the campaign . John Triplette hires Sueleen Gay (Gwen Welles ) as a singer /dancer , thinking she will strip for these men raising the amount of money the men will give to the campaign

The men cheer and yell when Sueleen Gay appears on stage . She appears on a platform and they go crazy . She is a terrible singer and when she begins the men yell for her to take her clothes off . She removes her sweater , for comfort , and the men begin to cheer . Initially she thinks they are cheering for her singing but after a great deal of inappropriate yelling she realizes something is wrong . She goes over to John Triplette and asks why they are yelling . John tells her they expect a strip tease . She says she came to sing , not strip . John panics hearing the men yell , and promises to allow her to sing on stage with her favorite singer if she strips . She returns to the stage and strips reluctantly

This scene exemplifies a plethora of sexual stereotypes . The men get excited when in a room full of other men . When a woman enters they whoop and yell like immature boys , even though they are quite old . This stereotype is exemplified here very effectively

It is also quite telling that John Triplette organizes a strip tease for a fundraising event . This exemplifies the stereotype that men will open up their wallets and give generously when aroused by a beautiful girl . The men do not listen to her singing . She is a terrible singer

Human Sexuality in Nashville ‘ Page 2

though even if she were great they would expect more . The men give handsomely , proving how weak they are in their sexuality

The woman herself is attempting to follow her dream as a singer . She is excited about this opportunity to sing in front of a live audience When she hears the men cheering for her she is d by the reception She begins to feel uncomfortable when they yell obscenely at her . She goes to speak to John Triplette who tells her she needs to strip . She eventually agrees when he offers her a chance to sing on stage with her favorite singer

The woman… [banner_entry_footer]


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