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Kaplan ‘s online learning centers aid students to increase their test scores in English and math , thereby contributing to overall improvement is academic performance . The purpose of the KU Writing Center is to make students understand the importance of writing which plays a major role in molding one ‘s career . It imparts knowledge about academic writing styles and ways to improve grammar . It helps students to richen their vocabulary and offers tips to enhance standard of writing

KU Math Center trains students on a wide variety of s in math and illustrates [banner_entry_middle]

ways to simplify mathematical problems , in general . Students are trained by highly qualified on-line tutors who are trained by the Kaplan Teacher Development Program (KTPD . Students can also immediately clear their doubts by interacting with their instructors using interactive on-line chats

Kaplan University has specially developed user-friendly multimedia programs with the help of Kaplan ‘s Curriculum Team which comprises of experienced teachers and certified instructional designers who have extensive experience in designing such courses . These Internet-based programs have a live instructional curriculum which encourages students to systematically research various subjects . The interactive nature of these programs has contributed to better student performance , which is indicated by improved results in the recent past

I am planning to use discussion boards as venue to express and exchange ideas . I would like to take advantage of online libraries to investigate various s , which would help me in writing better reports and theses . I am looking forward to web seminars to learn simple shortcut techniques which would help me to easily solve math problems . I would also like to use resources such as mock tests and expert tips to help me manage my time and prepare for exams


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