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Painting is said to be a form of artistic expression of the painter ‘s opinion , perspective and critical ideas . Because it is an expression , it style and format is not bounded by analytical limitation thus , it has freedom of to illustrate and communicate the painter ‘s theme that he or she wishes share through this art form

This idea is explicitly true to the case of Elizabeth Murray ‘s painting . Her art that is made up of oil paint , cloth canvas and artistic emotion is something that has freedom and creativity [banner_entry_middle]

. Her art is not bounded by the classical art form , analytical judgment and social conformity . Thus , Murray ‘s art is perceived by the social community as a brightly comical and candid expression of her opinions and personal emotions

Murray ‘s paintings can be explicitly observed as brightly colored jigsaw puzzle that are working together to put different small parts into a whole theme . Every small detail in her loosely arranged canvas puzzle seems to denote certain aura of expressionism thus attracting the soul of her admirer and even her critics . Her lively mixture of intricate forms and brilliant color combination makes her whole painting alive

In addition , her paintings present a metaphorical and comical symbolism of everyday events making her style opinionated and deviant from the normal views

Thus , Elizabeth Murray ‘s painting becomes quite prominent in the art world because of its artistic personality and deviant form of expression . Her art style exceed that of the normal views thus making her masterpieces to be brightly comical and highly illustrative to admirers of art all throughout the world


Pace Wildenstein . Elizabeth Murray : Paintings 2003-2006 . Pace Wildenstein . 2006 . HYPERLINK “http /pacewildenstein .com http /pacewildenstein .com . October 25 , 2006… [banner_entry_footer]


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