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write an essay that explores a turning point in your own life

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Turning Point

The engines of the 747 jumbo passenger jet roared loudly in my ears with a resonance that said There ‘s no turning back ‘ I tried to ignore this humming , chanting , vibrating message shaking my legs and rocking my spine . I fumbled with the cool , silver metal of my seatbelt buckle and checked one more time that I was really locked in . I felt the aircraft rolling left , then taxiing right , and I tried as best I could to believe it knew the best [banner_entry_middle]

way to go . I took Sonia ‘s slender hand in my own clammy palm without ever looking up . In my mind I saw the historic monuments and pastoral countryside of France sweeping past , out of view though I knew I was still safely on the runway . I saw my mother and father , my lifelong friends . And then my back pushed hard against the seat as the engines raged into a frenzy and the wheels of the airplane lost contact with the ground

As a small child in France I used to play with my best friend XXXX in the schoolyard . We were equipped with arsenals of toy cars and trunks ships and robots . I always loved the airplanes best I remember holding them as high as I could against the backdrop of the blue sky , my point of view convincing me I was among the clouds , thousands of feet above our little playground . I would climb to the top of the slide and continue my flight , achieving the most spectacular heights with which no boy , anywhere , could compete . I imagined flying away to parts of the world I didn ‘t yet have names for , exploring mountain peaks and silty ocean bottoms . I ventured alone into the furthest reaches of the globe a fearless pilot explorer . As I sat now in the belly of a real life airplane , soaring off to meet my destiny , I hoped I was as brave now as I was back then

They told me lots of things about Washington , D .C . They told me to be careful as the crime rate was high and I didn ‘t want to get shot . They told me the Washington Monument was a sight to behold . They told me Washington was where political deals are made that affect the entire planet . They told me D .C . was the land of opportunity . I couldn ‘t wait to get there and find out who was right and who was wrong . I wondered how the Promised Land would compare with France , the only land I ‘d ever called home

I knew Sonia was excited . We were like twins , she and I . Same small home town , same field of study , same destination . She displayed the kind of adventuresome free spirit I did as a little boy , and I admired her for it . We were both giddy to move into our cozy new apartment together and finally begin a life together , on our own to make… [banner_entry_footer]


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