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p Research Proposal Research idea : What research questions are you addressing

Which is your idea relevant to ? Why is your idea

different ? What assumptions /propositions

hypotheses , if any , are you exploring

The for the proposed MBA dissertation is : A Strategic management study of online banking using Lloyds TSB bank and HSBC bank as a case study ‘ The starting point will be contemporary management theories and tools . Then I will shift the focus on the distinction and integration of operational management and strategic management as stated by Metcalfe in the following terms [banner_entry_middle]

p Operational management is the implementation of agreed policies Strategic management is the formulation of new policies or the redefinition of existing ones . In operational management terms there must be explicit consideration of the structures and systems through which policies are put into practice . The effectiveness of a regulatory management system depends on clear definitions of responsibility and commitment to compliance (rather than primary reliance on enforcement In more strategic management terms decisions have to be made about who participates in regulatory policy making and how the views of different stakeholders are channelled into the policy formulation process Operational and strategic management require different capacities but interrelated processes (Metcalfe , 2003

I will keep the focus on strategic management in the case studies of HSBC-Internet Banking and Lloyds TBS-Internet Banking regarding the development and the sustainability of a competitive , comparative and absolute advantage in their specific market segments . The main concern about Internet Banking relates to security . Another area of relevance regarding a competitive , comparative and absolute advantage is business model innovation (Mitchell and Coles , 2003 . In this context , I will deal with the of achieving a competitive , comparative and absolute advantage through a security edge against the main competitors This research study seems to be very relevant due to its practical implications since many of its conclusions can be implemented not only by HBSC-Internet Banking and /or Lloyds TBS-Internet Banking , but by any other online banking business . The main reason behind its relevancy it ‘s the eclectical , epistemological and proactive approach that will guide the spirit of the entire dissertation . Many different sources will be taken into consideration , especially the concept of Critical Success Factors (Caralli , 2005 ) and Key Performance Indicators (Information Builders , 1996-2006 Visitask , 2004-2006 , as well as the Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim and Mauborgne ,2005 , the ASDA Effect in leadership according to the influence of Archie Norman (The Grocer 2004 Weber and Beer , 1998a Weber and Beer 1998b , and the high impact on the Quality community by the Toyota Way of conducting their successful business according to the Toyota Production System (The Swiss Deming Institute , 2005 . The proposed MBA dissertation is a very challenging task as it tackles some of the most relevant issues concerning strategic management with the single guiding idea of helping to develop and sustain a competitive , comparative and absolute advantage either for HSBC-Internet Banking , a division of one of the biggest banks in the world (HSBC Bank ) or Llodys TSB-Internet Banking , which… [banner_entry_footer]


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