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Women`s work during and after WWII in America.

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Women ‘s work during and after WWII in America


Feminism is a diverse collection of social theories , political movements , and moral philosophies , largely motivated by or concerning the experiences of women , especially in terms of their social political , and economic situation . As a social movement , feminism largely focuses on limiting or eradicating gender inequality and promoting women ‘s rights , interests , and issues in society . It also incorporates concern about the effect of gender roles on men , and encouragement for men to change [banner_entry_middle]

and transcend traditional male roles and norms of masculinity (Wikipedia Online

One crucial time in the history of America was during the period we were involved with World War II . During this time American society was greatly affected due to the war effort . America has been facing great economical problems as well as other internal problems relating to gender and racial segregation . The women are serving actively in many ways in this war , and they are doing a grand job on both the fighting front and the home front (Torres , 2006

It is with these facts that one can begin to analyze how the female work force during WWII and the influence of the nuclear family have shaped today ‘s society . This will show the corollary between women who chose to remain in the workforce and the demise of the nuclear family ideal . In to understand how the concept of the nuclear family was impacted by the women ‘s work movement one must first understand the role of women during WWII

The Support of Women in World War II

During the time of World War II women played a serious role for many reasons , whether it was on the home front or overseas . During those days the woman is already having power like Congresswoman Rogers who introduce the bill on May 28th , 1941establishing a Women ‘s Army Auxiliary Corps for service with the Army of the United States

Military nurses were very much involved in the turmoil at Pearl Harbor on Dec . 7 , 1941 , working under tremendous pressure during the aftermath of the morning ‘s raids . The Japanese attack left 2 ,235 servicemen and 68 civilians dead . Eighty-two Army nurses were serving at three Army Medical Facilities in Hawaii that infamous December morning . Hundreds of casualties suffering from burns and shock were treated by Army and Navy nurses working side-by-side with civilian nurses and doctors . Nurses at Schofield Hospital and Hickam Field faced similar overwhelming numbers of wounded personnel . The Chief Nurse at Hickam Field , 1st Lt . Annie G Fox , was the first of many Army nurses to receive a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star (Torres , 2003

Four days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor , and twenty three years after the idea of women in the military were born , the Bureau of the Budget stopped objecting , planners began to plan and cooperation suddenly became the watchword . The bill was amended , reintroduced , stuck in committees , and stalled . The search was on… [banner_entry_footer]


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