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Women and Health

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Women and Health

Articles of Goudsmit , Warshaw , and Belle Doucet


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Answer to Question 1

In the article written by Ellen Goudsmit (1993 , stereotypical views of women act as a source of bias in the evaluation of symptoms and the choice of treatments by means of the following : first , the practitioners ‘ clinical judgment is affected by the view that women are weak , suggestible , emotionally unbalanced , irrational , manipulative , and unable to cope with minor stress (Goudsmit 28 second [banner_entry_middle]

is that literature has not acknowledged the fact that emotional problems may also be the result – not just the cause – of certain conditions (Goudsmit 28 third is that women ‘s illnesses are usually assumed as `psychosomatic ‘ until proven otherwise (Goudsmit 29 fourth is the biased view that women are hysterical and irritable , which gives practitioners the tendency to conclude that the illness is actually psychologically-attributed (Goudsmit 29 fifth and last is the fact that being emotional is , for most of the time , being interpreted as a sign of a more vulnerable , sensitive personality who may be prone to psychosomatic diss (Goudsmit 30

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Answer to Question 2

Based on the article of Carole Warshaw (1989 , some of the limitations of the medical model in the treatment of abused women can be described as follows : first , the limitation brought by unresponsiveness , lack of attention , or repeated recording (Warshaw 508-509 second , physicians are narrow-minded and do not probe well on the patient ‘s history (Warshaw 509 third is that , despite clear protocols , psychiatry and social work consults and medications were lacking or inefficient (Warshaw 510 , as well as police reports and the use of recorded charts (Warshaw 510 fourth , there is a lack of concord between institutional sectors , as proven by how triage nurses tend to shift problems to another institutional sector , instead of shifting it to another nurse (Warshaw 510 fifth , physicians usually fail to identify the relationship between the victim and the assailant (Warshaw 511 sixth physicians fail to offer the victim a chance to discuss her feelings and notions and last , medical teams often focus on the pathophysiological endpoint of the case (Warshaw 513

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Answer to Question 3

Based on the article written by Belle Doucet (2003 , some of the health inequalities faced by Canada ‘s aboriginal women – including those living in places where poverty , inequality , and discrimination resides – can be depicted as follows : first , higher probability of depression stress , and posttraumatic stress dis (Belle Doucet 101-102 second is family and economic stress brought by hardships and extreme inefficiency (Belle Doucet 103 third is the tendency to self-medication and `palliative ‘ coping strategies (i .e , harmful drugs alcohol , overeating , which then affects the victim ‘s mental health physical health , and life expectancy (B D 104 fourth is the tendency to have extreme psychological and physiological consequences (i .e aggression , pessimism , less trust ) due to low income and low social status (B D 104 fifth is… [banner_entry_footer]


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