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woman in the workfield

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A Contrasting Comparison of Women at Home and in the Work Field

The modern day woman has become more than just a counterpart in a male dominated workplace . She has become the epitome of a successful person The modern day career woman often wears 2 hats or more . Her personality has become more flexible as the needs in her life have grown more complex and time consuming . Yes , a woman today is more than just a woman . She is now a daughter , wife , mother , friend , economist , and anything and everything else that she [banner_entry_middle]

has to be in between . Seeing a modern day wife and mother makes me wonder what it was like for the children and husbands of yesteryears . Before the hectic life of today when most families are forced to live on 2 incomes from the husband and wife , a woman seemed to lead a stress free life . Her only worry then was how to cook the chicken defrosting on the kitchen counter . When exactly did this change happen ? How has it affected the way a family functions these days ? Believe it or not , there was actually a time in history when women stayed at home and took care of the family . This was all before World War 2 changed the landscape of the workplace as the people of then new it to be

Before the war broke out in 1948 , women were content to stay at home Wives took care of the household while the men worked and provided the finances needed to sustain his family . Women were content to stay home and take care of the children . The children were happy because they came home from school or play time and had somebody at home with a glass of thirst quenching lemonade for them or freshly baked cookies for a snack The women were more supportive of their brood

As a mother , the women made sure that the children were well taken care of , more secure in the thought that their mother loved them because they could see her and feel it more and often . A mother ‘s role then is just as important as a mother ‘s role now . Mother ‘s then were not as stressed out as they are today . Yes , women then were also tired and stressed out They were very busy and already had 24 hour work days . They were happier though . This is because they dealt with only one situation at a time and the routine did not vary that often so that dealing with any problems posed before them seemed so trivial and common sensical

Then unexpectedly , World War 2 broke out in and changed the family and working man ‘s landscape forever . As most men shipped off to fight the war , women were left at home and were forced into the unexpected situation of having to be both mother and father , care giver and provider for their brood

Kids founds someone to trust and talk to (mom , but now that… [banner_entry_footer]


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