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why you wanna be a doctor?

April 2, 2016 | Author: | Posted in health and medicine, healthcare

An idea of life is to help people in a worthy manner and take internal satisfaction by doing this so I have selected a medical profession . A medical profession is the one of the best profession by which one gets satisfaction by helping community . It is the only profession by which the community gets the contribution . A medical profession also opens the doors to work with different communities

Although there are more reasons that also affect the decision of choosing this profession , as a doctors life is full of joy , internal happiness [banner_entry_middle]

and benefits . A doctor can earn more money then other professions , doctors have a choice of setting there own timings or to join others . They can achieve not only the money but also the reputation and respect in the community

One can achieve a lot more by ones abilities and I believe that my communication skills are worth while in this profession as I love to meet different people and discuss their matters because people disclosed their matters to me

One another main reason is that a medical profession is a life time learning profession as it opens the doors of research and knowledge

Last but not the least this profession gives the greater job security than any other profession

In conclusion I believe that I have the required skills that lead me to success , I believe that by this profession I can use my skills to benefit the community . It gives me a great opportunity to help others and in return I will get not only the financial success but also the respect in the society… [banner_entry_footer]


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