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Why study Women`s Health

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1 ) According to Goudsmit in what ways can stereotypical views of women act as a source of bias in the evaluation of symptoms and the choice of treatments

In the essay , Goudsmit describes how stereotypical views of women can sometimes cause doctors to attribute psychological causes to medical conditions and to ignore correct diagnostic procedures . This kind of bias can lead to misdiagnosis and puts women ‘s lives at risk

Traditionally , women are often portrayed as the weaker sex – several studies point out that women are “emotionally unbalanced (Goudsmit 8 and [banner_entry_middle]

therefore tend to exaggerate their illness . Some researchers have also suggested that the development of certain diseases may be due to the emotional temperament of women (Goudsmit 9

The view that women are hysterical , suggestive , and that there is always a “psychological component (Goudsmit 10 ) to women ‘s illnesses is a source of bias in medical assessments . When a certain epidemic affected a predominantly female population , it has been labeled as a “mass hysteria (Goudsmit 9 on the other hand , a similar incident involving a population of male soldiers was not labeled as such . Women are also given less extensive tests and procedures due to the perception that women are “typically hypochondriachal (Goudsmit 10

2 ) After reading Warshaw`s article , what are some of the limitations of the medical model when treating abused women

In encounters between patients and medical practitioners , the nature of the injury is often “decontextualized (Warshaw 7 ) or is ignored altogether . Moreover , even when symptoms of abuse are present , they are usually not reflected in discharge diagnoses . Failure to identify victims of abuse likely leads inappropriate referrals (Warshaw 7 ) and inadequate discharge diagnoses could pose as a “life threatening risk (Warshaw 9 ) for patients

The medical practitioners ‘ perception of battered women also impacts the quality of care that the victims receive . The medical model and raining espoused in current practice eschews emotional involvement . With the current model , medical practitioners often fail to ask the questions and address issues that are important in conceptualizing the nature of abuse (Warshaw 13 . The use of disembodied language , medical shorthand , and a passive voice when describing the physical trauma dehumanizes the encounter and fails to provide the most important details that would figure in the proper care of an abuse victim . The hectic environment in hospital settings “overwork [ ,] and understaffing (Warshaw 13 ) have also contributed to the way practitioners respond to patients

3 ) What are some of the particular health inequalities faced by Canada ‘s Aboriginal women

Problems with inequality and discrimination due to race still abound in our society minority groups in particular , are most affected . Along with poverty and the lack of access to opportunities , ethnic and minority groups are at a greater risk for poor “mental health , physical health , [and a lower] life expectancy (Belle and Doucet 104 ) than the general populace

Economic inequalities particularly give rise to mental health problems (Belle and Doucet 105 . Women (especially those in minority groups experience higher rates of… [banner_entry_footer]


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