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Why Stories?

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in english, literature and language

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The Bible . The Iliad of Homer . Both timeless tales studied over the generations . Both began as stories . The apostles told their stories of their lives with Jesus and this went on to become recorded history and would be studied by believers and non believers alike . The Iliad is the most famous epic poem of all time that began as an oral story and also became written over time and would go on to become one of the most studied epic poems in [banner_entry_middle]

the canon . While not all stories go on to become life changing religious guides or great pieces of literature , people still tell stories . They always have and they always will . The main reason that people have always told stories , in my opinion , is to try to communicate some aspect of the human condition

A story allows people to express their experiences and even embellish them a little bit . Embellishment makes the story a bit more entertaining to hear and can make the storyteller feel better about the situation . We have all listened to a co-workers telling of what a horrible day that he was having ! We also know that it is hard to listen to a story that is full of nothing but complaints or obstacles it can bring the listener down along with the teller ! A story with humorous embellishments helps to lighten the situation and to give the teller a better outlook on what is going on . On the same note , many people end up telling stories solely as a way to entertain . Stand up comics do this for a living . People tune in to sitcoms on a nightly basis to enjoy the humor in someone else ‘s life

Stories help to take the stress off of our own lives . If we can look at someone else ‘s life with humor or compassion or whatever feeling is called for in the story , we can better be able to do that in our own lives . Sometimes it takes looking in on someone else ‘s life to better grasp our own

Stories allow for fantasy and the impossible . I will never be a millionaire , but sometimes I talk about all the things I ‘m going to do with my non-existent money . If not for dreams , then what

Often people tell the truths of their own lives as hypothetical examples in to get feedback or to conceptualize their own situations . Other times they do it to be able to help understand their own feelings

No matter the type story , people enjoy telling them . It helps us relate to others and gives us a forum to explore our own feelings and experiences

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