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why isn`t soccer popular in U.S

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I was watching ESPN sportscenter one evening and I was surprised to hear that David Beckham , one of the world ‘s best soccer players , was going to play in the United States for a national soccer team . I must admit that what surprised me the most was not that David Beckham was going to play for an American team but that there was a professional soccer league in the United States . In all my years of watching professional sports , I never heard much of the professional soccer league in the United States . I [banner_entry_middle]

don ‘t really understand why soccer has a huge following worldwide but a rather small following in the United States . For a nation that is proud of having the best athletes in virtually every professional sport , the United States apparently does not care about soccer which has been tagged as the universal game

My interest in this subject is because of my keen interest in understanding the human condition and human psychology . The interesting question to understand here is how other sports which are not popular worldwide are very popular in the United States yet the world ‘s most popular sport hardly makes the highlights on sports programs . The more interesting perspective on this matter however is how the popularity of soccer might be influenced by the socio-economic standing of most Americans and the fast paced lifestyle and culture as enjoyed by virtually everyone in the United States

My initial research into this matter and the interviews that I have conducted as well as my background of having been exposed to the more underprivileged has shown me that in all strata of society it is important that there be a healthy balance of sports and group activities for the proper development of the youth . It seems that soccer is able to provide all of these needs . It is interesting therefore why soccer is not more popular than it is when it is clearly able to address a lot of issue concerning the development of today ‘s youth as well as able to create another dimension or area where the United States can excel in and bring pride to their people

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