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why isn`t soccer popular in U.S

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Why is soccer not popular in the United States

The event that attracted me was the latest happening in the soccer world , when the Los Angeles Galaxy , a Major League Soccer team of the United States signed up soccer world superstar David Beckham . Beckham the former England captain was signed up for a five-year multimillion dollar contract after his previous ties with Real Madrid expires ADDIN EN .CITE HylandsAlan HylandsDavid Beckham Signs For LA Galaxy2007February 1 ht tp /worldsoccer .about .com (Hylands . This raised my interest about a [banner_entry_middle]

very noticeable fact . The country ‘s soccer following is relatively low as compared to its basketball , football , or baseball aspects . When it comes to the soccer sports , many believe that US ‘ is a laughing stock , as compared to other countries . Theirs is always like a friendly match , where it is not taken seriously . But the reason behind was still unknown to me The first thing I decided to do , since it is a sports-related was consume all the internet sources I can find , and hopefully my curiosity will get me to the answer I am looking for . I searched the history of the country ‘s soccer , and was able to discover that United States , specifically the Oneida Football club of Boston , Massachusetts was the first football club to play association football outside Britain . This is an important factor to know , since it shows that the introduction of soccer to the country was not that late , where as compared to other countries especially in Asia , U .S . rather had an early start . But this doesn ‘t tell anything about why soccer was not that famous . I continued to search , typing various keywords that I could possibly formulate . Then one important fact struck me – rugby . In the mid-1870 ‘s soccer ‘s basic principles plus an extremely physical contact between players were boiled down and was converted to ruby

The next question that came into picture was the relevance of rugby in the fall of the then-blooming soccer sports age . Because of that , I then exhausted my research on things about rugby , where it came from and how it was started . I then discovered important facts that could ‘ve led to the downfall of the blooming soccer future . Looking back , the Oneida Football Club of Boston was credited for inventing the Boston Game , a diversion of the current soccer game at that time . In this version players are allowed to kick the ball and pick it up as well as running around with it . This kind of game , mixed with extreme physical contact and rules , became what we know today as rugby . This has literally branched out , completely different from soccer . It then paved way to another sport , which could be the reason why soccer is not as famous as other sports . This sport is what we know today as American football . I found out that this sport has gained a lot of following in the country just like basketball and baseball . It drew… [banner_entry_footer]


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