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Why Do We Watch Television

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Why Do We Watch Television

Thesis Statement : Americans like to watch television and are drawn to it as it can help them in fulfilling their unmet needs and as such viewing TV habits are also linked with their interests


Irrespective of the much publicity on the growth of the Internet as a substitute to watching television–TV , a majority of Americans , really are not leaving away from their living room TV sets (Survey : Americans Watch TV , Not PC ) As per the studies made by the Nielsen Media Research in comparison to [banner_entry_middle]

the past , Americans accord much priority even now to watching TV . The studies and ratings services on TV watching indicates the parameters at the highest ever record in terms of TV viewing per household per day – almost about 8 hrs and 11 minutes during 2004-05 and this is due to growth in the number of available channels and number of televisions available per household . The report of Nielsen also indicates that the average individual viewed about 4 hrs and 32 minutes of TV a day during the last season , which is considered to be the highest in 15 years (Americans watch more TV than ever

Nielsen report also states that an average American family watches about 1 hour 53 minutes of prime television per day . Moreover , the report indicates that during 2005 ‘s premier week with regard to prime time programming , an average of about 62 of American households was involved in viewing television (Americans watch more TV than ever ) As per a new consumer survey published by RBC Capital Markets taking a sample of 1000 US families in 2006 revealed that about 60 have at least three or more television sets in their homes and they are found to be using them Almost 53 have responded saying they are viewing the same amount of television programs in the past , irrespective of the fact that 42 percent indicated to have increased the time of surfing the Internet The survey also revealed that about three out of five US consumers are much interested in Internet-protocol TV , indicating that the price as well as the choice of programming is the top two drivers affecting their decisions with regard to TV-service (Survey : Americans Watch TV , Not PC


Studies have indicated that the needs of people affect the way they utilize and react to a medium . Zillmann has brought out the affect of mood on selection of media : monotony stimulates the selection of exciting content and stress promotes selections of a relaxing content on the television . A particular TV program may be the source of various forms of enjoyment to various individuals . Separate requirements are related with each of the individual personalities , phases of maturation backgrounds as well as social roles . Development factors appear to be associated with some motives for viewing television : for example , Judith van Evra advocates that young children may be specifically interested in watching TV in search of information and therefore more vulnerable to be influenced by it… [banner_entry_footer]


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