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Why can Buddhism be considered `psychological`?

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The Psychological Aspect of Following Buddhism



Essay assignment explaining the premise of Buddhism and why it can be considered a psychological practice , rather than just another religion

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Alone , under the branches of the Bodhi tree , Prince Siddhattha was overcome with enlightenment (Kelsang , 2002 . This great achievement came after the Prince , later known as Buddha , had lived through many years of self-initiated seclusion . The Prince was sheltered by [banner_entry_middle]

his father during his young life , and it was only in his adult years that he became aware of the unavoidable fact that to live is to suffer . Aging and death were paths in life that could not be avoided . The Prince realized that throughout life , no matter what , one will endure suffering to no end via life , and will continue to experience suffering at life ‘s end , via reincarnation . The belief that reincarnation would continue to repeat itself inspired Prince Siddhattha to seek a way out of this never-ending cycle that people were destined to undergo . The Prince believed that if he could live a pure , good life , he would be awarded admittance to a final destination , never to experience suffering , and never to live again by means of reincarnation (Hendricks , 2000 . After years of solitude , self-induced starvation and torture , Prince Siddhattha Gautama found the out ‘ he was looking for .and so began the practice of Buddhism

Buddhism is based on achieving enlightenment (Wikipedia , 2004 . For this reason , the practice of Buddhism can be considered psychological According to Buddha , enlightenment can be achieved by recognizing the Four Noble Truths , and existing on the premise of the Noble Eightfold Path (Frederick , 1997 . The Four Noble Truths state , in short , that a person must understand that in life there is suffering , and that suffering is derived from desire (Hendricks , 2000 . Once the desire is overcome , there will be no more suffering

The Noble Eightfold Path is made up of eight different Rights (Frederick , 1997 . The eight Rights ‘ include right understanding right intent , right speech , right action , right livelihood , right effort , right mindfulness and right concentration (Hendricks , 2000 . The only

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way an individual can fully experience all that Buddhism has to offer is to psychologically have the right understanding of the world around them . In addition , one must also have the right intent . This means that one must have the ability to commit to this unique lifestyle , and accept it with no reservation

Psychologically examined , this entire religion is based on an individual ‘s inner-self and the will power that he or she retains . There may be guidelines to set a follower on the right path to Buddhism , but it is impossible for everyone to have the same intentions , livelihood or concentration . While one may be inspired to live life in a pure manner , such as that of the Buddhist , the psychological aspects of inspiration will drive one to determine exactly what pure… [banner_entry_footer]


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