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What was the role of the Temple for ancient Judaism?

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There are two kinds of Judaism , one that existed Before Christ and the other was After Christ . The first which existed Before Christ was the Judaism practiced by Abraham , Moses , David and Isaiah . This was the ancient Judaism , which had altar , sacrifices , priests and temple . The After Christ Judaism on the other hand is the Judaism that is practiced today . They have synagogues , rabbis or teachers and they have no sacrifices , no altar , no priests and no temple

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and conservative , refer to their synagogue as temple . Traditional Jews , however take offense . They claim that historically , the Temple of Jerusalem is the only temple of Judaism For them calling the synagogue as temple is very inaccurate . A synagogue , according to the Jews , is a house for meeting , which is both (1 ) a center for worship , study , and social work of a community , and (2 ) a place to gather

In Jerusalem , The Temple was the center of worship , where sacrifices and religious ceremonies were done . This was since the time of Solomon until its partial destruction by the Romans during the Babylonian Exile The Temple was rebuilt and became known as the Second Temple . The Wailing Wall , were remains of the original wall on the western side , so the Jews refer to it as the Western Wall or the Kotel to the Hebrews The Temple is also where the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa , the Muslim ‘s shrine for pilgrims and house of prayer respectively . It is the belief of the traditional Jews that The Temple will be rebuilt on the Messiah ‘s (Moshiach ‘s ) coming , which they hope and pray for with great anticipation

The modern Jews are against The Temple ‘s rebuilding and practicing sacrifices again . For them the temples are their houses of prayer and those are sufficient for their worship , like the Temple in Jerusalem This is a source of conflict between the traditional and modern Jews For the modern Jews , temples are places of worship like their synagogues . For the traditional it is the center of worship , and there is only one Temple


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