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what motivate you to study

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Last night , while I was randomly surfing the internet , I ‘ve chanced upon an article about learning . According to it , there are three types of learners . First , the goal-oriented learner , a person who wants to learn as a means of pursuing identified objectives . Second , the learning-oriented , one who pursues learning just for the sheer love of it . Lastly , the activity-oriented , one who wants to learn for reasons unconnected with the program or content of what he /she is learning (NIACE , 1997 citing Cyril Houle , 1996 . For me , and [banner_entry_middle]

perhaps for almost everyone else , studying is learning

I consider myself as a learning-oriented learner . Yes , I study just for the sheer love of it . Unbelievable ? Let me tell you how much I love studying

I wake up , I study and if I need an excuse to get up (or at least when I remember ) I eat . From sun up to sun down , I have a book in front of me Most of the time I read it , but there are days when I think I ‘ve been staring at a page for hours on end yet still fail to grasp the benign difference between the words that I ‘ve been reading , the sentences and paragraphs just a blurry vision in front of me . Everything just a mass of incoherence . Sometimes I even forget what day it is , the days being perfunctorily separated by darkness and light . They have been more or less reduced to categories of when to study , eat and sleep with my stomach and the sun being my only guideposts . I realize now that it is quite primal . Sometimes my back protests too . My friend tells me that it is unnatural for a person to sit the whole day . So sometimes I study lying down to give my chair a break

Most people say that it is really no way to live . That I should be out and about worshipping the sun and climbing mountains , reveling in the beauty of nature or watching a movie . Exercise is also a healthy alternative . If only I had the luxury . Oftentimes I have to stop and wonder what it is that I ‘m doing , whether there is more to life then those that fall between the cracks of shifting from class to class . The usual existential questions that crop up when my brain shifts to overdrive . But then I find in my that is neither spatial nor temporal . I find purpose . And I suppose when you find that , the questions of how or where it originates really loses its significance . Some people find it worshipping the sun , climbing mountains , reveling in nature , watching a movie . I find it in my chair my nose in a book , my back protesting For some people , this may seem , ridiculous even . Who studies just for the sheer love of it ? A lot of people actually do and I am one of them And I am proud of it References

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