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What is plagiarism and how to prevent it?

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Plagiarism can be defined as taking someone else ‘s thoughts , ideas , work then copies it , and presenting the same as their own without bothering to cite properly (Lathrop Kathleen , 2000 . It can also be defined as the presentation of another persons work , posing as the presenter own work . Plagiarism is just not about copying words but also includes copying someone else ‘s audios and graphics and not citing them as belonging to the original author . Plagiarism can be equated to robbing [banner_entry_middle]

lying , and stealing of intellectual materials and this can lead to punishment for the perpetrator (Anderson , Judy , 1998 . This will critically look at what plagiarism is , its implications , detecting it and how it can be avoided

Sometimes plagiarism can be done unintentionally by new students who have no idea about the citation styles of all the authors of materials and journals used in ones research or academic writing . Plagiarism is illegal and can have serious penalties imposed on the perpetrator . For instance many universities in the USA have set rules on plagiarism that may lead to the expulsion of a perpetrator (Lise Roy 1990 Plagiarism is an offence that can be charged in a court of law . A perpetrator could also be sued and fined heavily for plagiarizing someone ‘s work . Plagiarism is unethical and very disrespectful because it robs the society of originality of ideas and promotes the culture of laziness . This makes the creation of new ideas hard because people are revolving within the same old ideas

Plagiarism happens mostly in learning institutions because students may want to get the good grades and avoid a lot of work or may be doing it because of ignorance (Arbor , 2001 . Consequently buying and presenting written by another person is plagiarism even if the lecturer / instructor might never know (Arbor , 2001 . This is because these are not the presenter ‘s original ideas as much as they pass them off as their original ideas . Again , students should be hardworking and be able to follow instructions and get their work done on time . Getting of awards like graduating in the name of cheating is very unethical and one may loose their job if an employer gets to know what happened

Detecting plagiarism has become very easy because of technology . There are many anti plagiarism devices and software that are easy to access in developed countries like the USA , Russia , and the United Kingdom . With the Google engine search , s could easily be subjected to detection of plagiarism through search via websites and pools of academic s found in the Google website

With technology and globalization authors and hope that this device will reach the developing world too and eradicate this unethical vice . This device makes it possible for institutions to ascertain the originality of the academic s presented by students . Also when publishing new materials and books this device comes in hardy for publishers so that they don ‘t get sued for publishing plagiarized… [banner_entry_footer]


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