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What is a sexual script? How is it formed? When is it called into play? What does it do for us? What assumptions do we make about others` scripts? In your answer, make reference to relevant research and researchers. Are sexual scripts for adolescents chan

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Sexual Script

As defined by Mosher and MacIan , a sexual script refers to the set of rules within a society or culture used to information connectively and in a ‘psychologically magnified family of sexual scenes to predict and produce , to interpret and understand , to direct and defend , and to justify and evaluate the happenings in a any ongoing , imagined , or past sexual scene (qtd . in Clark Widerman “Script Theory and Socialization ? 3

Sexual scripts , along with what is appropriate sexual behavior , is [banner_entry_middle]

br learned during the socialization process wherein a member of a society acquire what are the culturally appropriate or important sexual responses . This kind of scripts , mostly made up of social conventions generally comes into play to guide the individual ‘s sexual behavior

Sexual scripts define for us sexual sensations , objects , events , people and situations . In essence , As according to John Gagnon as cited by Sandstorm , they provide individuals within a society with the 5 W ‘s of sexuality – who , what , when , where and why (Sandstrom Part III ? 4-6 Because sexual scripts come from the consensual and shared beliefs of what is good or bad in society (Reiss Chap . 2 ? 14 , people may assume some degree of similarities of each other ‘s sexual scripting

Based on assumptions that sexual scripts are learned through socialization and that individuals make personal and specific adaptations to them , as according to Laumann Gagnon (Clark Widerman “Script Theory and Socialization ? 2 , sexual scripts do change especially among the yet developing adolescents

This changeability could be supported following the argument of some social learning theory versions that what people acquire from role models in media are also ‘scripts . Adolescents , who are obviously strongly exposed to media and music , may acquire insights into certain sexual scripts that could shape their assumptions and attitudes on sex and sexual relationships and produce notions of societal or peer norms and expectations (Martino ? 10

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