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what is a professional

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January 23 , 2007

What is a professional

`Professional ‘ is defined as a skilled practitioner an expert following a profession , particularly a learned profession . A professional should possess a large amount of knowledge , both from experience and training or schooling . There are many important personal qualities that a professional should possess . Among these are honor , reputation and trustworthiness . Those who can convince others of their intrinsic honesty , may thereby prosper , and it may be easier for the genuinely honest to be thus convincing – the more so if honesty , or at least the [banner_entry_middle]

br true and honorable performance of a certain trade or skill , requires a degree of style , confidence and even grace , built up over a long period of commitment to the task , that are hard for an opponent to feign (Seabright , 2004

There are many different contexts that the word `professional ‘ can be used . When someone is called a professional , in the adjective form they are being described as such because they possess a certain skill specific to the profession . To behave professionally refers to how a person acts and dresses . `Professional ‘ can also describe how someone is paid

Professionalism is important . It is not just how you dress , but also how you present the knowledge you have of the specific profession you are in . Credentials , such as degrees , help in establishing professionalism however , they do not carry a lot of weight if the person does not act in a professional manner . Basically , being a professional and having a level of professionalism is about having the right attitude , behavior , and good personal qualities Professionalism implies doing your job conscientiously . It means fulfilling the duties of your contract or job to the best of your ability . It means showing up to work on time and maintaining a certain business-like attitude and demeanor . And it means holding yourself to the highest possible standard of character and behavior proper to your field (Carroll , 2001

In the most narrow and refined usage , professional fields include law and medicine . Let ‘s examine the aspects of these fields in regards to professionalism

Professionalism in law provides respect and trust , not only among lawyers , but also between lawyers and the general public . As an example , we will use the Oregon State Bar ‘s Statement of Professionalism , which includes the following guidelines (Jan . 1991

As officers of the court , we will promote the integrity , dignity independent judgment , effectiveness , and efficiency of the legal system

We will work professionally with all parties whose activities relate to our client ‘s work

We will conduct our practice in a courteous , fair , and respectful manner

We will conduct our practice in a timely manner

We will commit ourselves to developing and preserving the ideals of integrity , honesty , competence , fairness , and devotion to the public interest

We will respect our clients zealously within the bounds of the law and ethical standards approved by law or the Oregon Supreme Court vigorously protecting the interest of our clients in a responsible manner

In appropriate cases… [banner_entry_footer]


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