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What ia Socialization?

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Socialization can be defined as the process of acquiring culture (O ‘Neil , para .1 , 2006 . During this process an individual learns the roles and languages of their culture as well as the social norms Socialization begins at birth , at first common practices are learned such as , language , appropriate dress and types of food common in one ‘s culture (2006 . Familial roles are learned , such as the mother and father ‘s role in one ‘s culture , and that of the extended family etc Further into the socialization of an individual , world views are [banner_entry_middle]

br acquired which are complex and will effect how an individual will interact in society (2006 . The world view consists of motivations perceptions and beliefs which an individual acquires during socialization . World view is more of an assumption of how one feels and is not easily explained by an individual . Dennis O ‘Neill explains world view as

Most people are unable to describe their world-view beliefs because they remain in their mind as rather fuzzy assumptions about people , society and existence in general . World-view is a set of feelings and basic attitudes about the world rather than clearly formulated opinions about it . These feelings and attitudes are mostly learned early in life and are not readily changed later (para .1 , 2006

Schools of Thought

Three schools of thought can be used to explain the importance in studying socialization . The first school of thought , structural functionalism , was more profound in the past , but is still a of discussion today . Structural functionalists ‘ are mainly concerned with large-scale organizations , social structures and industries in society and the interrelations these components have with individuals in society (Ritzer Goodman , 2004

Talcott Parsons (1902-1979 ) has been considered the single greatest contributor , and practitioner , of structural functionalism (2004 . The theory Parson used was based on four imperatives known as the AGIL system . These imperatives were

Adaptive Function- how a system adapts to its environment and is performed by the behavioral organism

Goal-attainment Function- how goals are achieved and defined by a system which is performed by the personality system

Integrative Function- the regulation of the components of the system (para .3 ) and is performed by the social system

Pattern Maintenance Function- how motivation and the dimensions of culture that create and sustain motivation are stimulated (para .3 performed by the cultural system

Parson ‘s theory explained that each of the action systems acted at different levels of analysis (para .4 . The levels began with the behavioral organism and ended with the cultural system with the higher levels then controlling the lower . This approach to structural functionalism gave insight into what Parson believed to be social Structural functionalism focuses on the role of norms and values as seen in the process of socialization . An individual will pursue self-interests while the system ‘s interests as a whole will be served as well

There have been several critics of structural functionalism throughout history . Robert Merton (1910-2003 ) and Emile Durkheim (1857-1917 ) were two prominent thinkers her disagreed… [banner_entry_footer]


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