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What does it mean to be a wife in another culture?

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What does it mean to be a wife in another culture


Information technology , television , and newss are altering the world at a rapid pace . When we talk about another culture now , we find that with increased education and the affect of the world becoming a global village it is difficult to find a culture that has remained impervious to the western influences . Even in countries with supposedly same cultural values , the role women have to play are changing rapidly

The role of a wife is also changing and the very traditional [banner_entry_middle]

roles are fast disappearing or can only be find in primitive or conservative families . There are however , certain peculiarities , which are related to the cultural expectations and religious influences [Rashid , 2000] , and even the families not practicing the old customs pretend to be following the traditional values to conform to the norm of the societies

In personal relationships , it is difficult to select a typical American culture for the Anglo-European families sharing the same religion . The institution of marriage , role expected from man and woman in family life has different meaning for different families . In some conservative families , marriage still means `till death us do part , while others may choose to live together for various reasons [SmartMoney , 2007] . Even the same sex marriages are becoming legal in more and more States . The institution of marriage is under threat in most of Western Europe and America . Economic independence , weakening of religious perceptions of marriage and social welfare state is removing most of the compulsions to make a failing marriage work and divorce rates are increasing at an alarming rate

People living in other societies , are still under the influence of the values of traditional societies , religion plays an important role in the society and family life . The economic dependence of man and woman on each other , stigma to divorce , lack of social welfare system to take care of a split family and unacceptability of sex outside marriage have resulted in development of societies quite different from ours . As a result , many of the societies considering themselves civilized have role of women that would compare favorably with the Victorian concepts of role of women in European society . There are also other cultures which have imposed the values of middle ages where women have a subservient role in family and social lives . In Saudi Arabia , for example , the women are not allowed to drive a car [Nasr , 2006] and the institution of polygamy is acceptable and practiced . This essay presents the role of woman as wife in other cultures . The impact of religion on family life in these cultures and changes in the societies with the penetration of media and international awareness on the role of women in the society are also discussed . For this study , the original role of an Iroquoian wife (Native Canadian tribe , An Indian Muslim wife , a Saudi Arabian , and an Afghan wife have been selected

The Iroquoian Wife

Before the arrival of Europeans in the… [banner_entry_footer]


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