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What are the unique characteristics of Jewish humor? Trace the origins and development of professional Jewish comedy. How did it influence American Popular Entertainment in the twentieth century?

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What are the unique characteristics of Jewish humor ? Trace the origins and development of professional Jewish comedy . How did it influence American Popular Entertainment in the twentieth century

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the Jews to American Society and Entertainment is Comedy . The names of great Jewish comedians : George Burns , the Marx Brothers , Lenny Bruce , Mel Brooks , Woody Allen are staples on the comedy scene today . The reason for this is the unique quality of Jewish Humor that it manages to be self-deprecatory and humorous without being hurtful . The aspects that define [banner_entry_middle]

Jewish comedy and the traditional comedic values are deeply rooted in Judaism ‘s religious and cultural traditions

Historically , Jewish comedy has always been regarded as egalitarian . In early Eastern Europe , satirical jesters called badchens ‘ would perform at weddings and at other significant social functions . The entertainment would consist of poking fun at and good-naturedly tarnishing the image of important people in the community . At the same time , arguably due to Judaism ‘s tradition of Talmudic study , almost every facet of life was to some degree open to examination . So Jews , who more often than not were politically powerless , could subtly challenge the status quo via humor while keeping their harshest observations amongst themselves

After Jews began to immigrate to America in large numbers , they , like other minority groups , found it difficult to find mainstream jobs . The newly-developing entertainment industry , combined with the Jewish humor tradition , provided a potential route for Jews to succeed and as Jewish immigrants settled in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and began to assimilate , their humor trickled into mainstream American entertainment . In 1929 , Gertrude Berg ‘s The Rise of the Goldbergs ‘ radio show offered a glimpse into a stereotypical Jewish family . As radio and television matured , many of its most famous comedians , including Jack Benny , Sid Caesar , George Burns , Henny Youngman and Milton Berle , continued to set the stage for the entrance of Jewish Humor on the entertainment scene . The Jewish comedy tradition continues today , with Jewish humor much entwined with that of mainstream humor , as comedies like Seinfeld indicate

Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a coffeehouse in Berlin in 1935 “Herr Altmann ” said his secretary “I notice you ‘re reading Der St ‘rmer ! I can ‘t understand why . A Nazi libel sheet ! Are you some kind of masochist , or , God forbid , a self-hating Jew “On the contrary , Frau Epstein . When I used to read the Jewish s all I learned about were pogroms , riots in Palestine , and assimilation in America . But now that I read Der St ‘rmer , I see so much more : that the Jews control all the banks , that we dominate in the arts , and that we ‘re on the verge of taking over the entire world . You know – it makes me feel a whole lot better

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