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what are the strengths and weaknesses of Russia as a federation?

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: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Russia as a federation

p : language write the strengths and the weaknesses of Russia as a federation

write them like points and an essay

for example the strengths



etc the weaknesses




some information about Russia federalism

Federative Treaty of 1992 and constitution of 1993

Federalism is a system of organizing a country ‘s territory that defines the relations between the centre and the territories

Federalism is a political system in which the Government [banner_entry_middle]

is organized into two structures , one at the central level , and the other at the state or territorial level . Both forms of Government have certain powers and obligations towards the people . They also have to maintain relationships with each other

The Russian Federation or `Russia ‘ was formed in 1991 , from USSR . It is a Republic belonging to the USSR , and by itself was a federation previously . The President is the Head of State , and several parties are present in the political system . The Prime Minister , who heads the Government , is appointed by the President . Russia adopted a new constitution in December , 1993 . The transition period from communism to a federal form of government was not comfortable for the Russian people and the economy . The country ‘s economy had gone through a severe crisis , and the people suffered from poverty , at that time . However the economy has improved by the year 1999

There are about 86 federal units in the Russian Federation . These include 21 republics (which are given greater autonomy , 48 provinces , 7 territories , 7 autonomous districts and 1 autonomous province . Moscow and St . Petersburg are 2 federal cities

The Federation Treaty was signed in 1993 . It was not included in the Constitution . However , the constitution identified the Federation Treaty


Permits diversity and protection of minorities

The Russian federal form of Government encourages pluralism and democracy

Each state is protected by the central defense forces

Each state can benefit from a common market system and there is no need to establish economic integrity and isolation

The government is flexible and adaptable

Russia is the largest Federation present in the world

Governing the Russian federation is considered to be less challenging to that of the USSR , because the population seems to be more homogenous (States were formed based on ethnic and linguistic background

Russian federal form of Government appeared less complex than the USSR federal system

The States are given similar status as that of the states that existed in the USSR time

The leader (Governor ) of each state is appointed by the President

Federation is permitting foreign investment

Russia is continuously changing its policies , which form characteristics of a federal form of government


As diversity of population is present (includes individuals belonging to various ethnic groups , religions , and races , each population would be experiencing a different sort of problem , and would pose a challenge to the government

In large states , tax collection , transportation , communication education and literacy , etc , is… [banner_entry_footer]


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