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What Are The Strengths And Dangers

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The Dangers and Strengths of Nationalism , American Exceptionalism , and Ethnonationalism


Nationalism , American Exceptionalism , and Ethnonationalism are ideologies that influence the world today . Each ideology has dangers and strengths that impact how citizens of various nations interact on domestic and international levels . The dangers and strengths of each ideology will show that each has a large impact and must be considered in education on ideology


Nationalism is the thread of that gives a national group a sense of national and cultural identity . In most cases , the citizens of [banner_entry_middle]

a particular group are participants in certain cultural , political religious , and educational institutions . The we-feeling (Chap 10 p161 ” of nationalism is used to protect the citizens and the bs in which they live

The danger of nationalism in most national groups is faith-based National groups will adopt a common religion or official church and base national identity and culture around the chosen faith . Uneducated citizens are apt to follow spiritual ways as a means to all ends although not all ends are positive . An example is the Jihads of Palestine who use violence to manipulate the government and citizens Citizens also tend to settle in smaller groups and set up their own law and , undermining the law and of the larger nation . These smaller groups of citizens use religion and culture to claim their own territories , which then decreases cultural diversity in particular areas . Nationalism is also used to . stir up entire populations through propaganda to serve narrow ends one is able to pit one segment of population against another and capture power through the practice of divide and conquer (Berberoglu 2005 ‘ National identity is also a main component of nationalism . Citizens may be coerced into a national identity by militant or strong-hold leaders that do not represent the majority of citizens . Examples are Sadam Hussein in Iraq Fidel Castro in Cuba , and Hitler in Germany

The strength that overshadows the dangers is that Nationalism joins a group of citizens together with patriotism . Citizens appreciate fellow neighbors through common expressions of language , religion , and culture The appreciation allows the citizens to develop a sense of national culture that unites to citizens regardless of diverse backgrounds Nationalism is inclusive to many diverse cultures and schools-of-thought among citizens which lead to new advances and better ways of protecting citizens and the bs they live in

American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism is the concept that Americans and their country are unique and differ from other countries (Chap 10 p164

The dangers of American Exceptionalism revolve around the feeling and actions of chauvinism among Americans . Even though the United States is a conglomerate of many different diverse cultures and religions Americans posit they are a species apart from the rest of the human race (Chap 10 , p164 ‘ Americans are egocentric and spend little time paying attention to concerns in the world . American Exceptionalism . has provoked a fierce debate within the United States between `red Americans , who are proud of the country ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]


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