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What are the effects of domain parking on the internet?

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THE EFFECTS OF DOMAIN PARKING I first consulted a general source for some basic information – an online encyclopedia . From there , I learned some basic definitions and alternative terms for internet parking . Domain parking is a basically a practice by which domain name owners to make money off of people who click on that domain either accidentally or otherwise . Mostly , the page is made up of advertising links , not the content the visitor thought would be there . These links are targeted to the type of people who would click on the domain name [banner_entry_middle]

in the first place . The owner is paid based on the number of ad clicks . Sometimes , the parked domain is holding the spot of a website that may not be quite ready for launch yet or that might be used to redirect visitors to another of its websites . These sites do not make money for the owner but simply advertise the coming website (Domain Parking , 2006

I have always been interested in the internet . For years , I used the internet for everything from communication to schoolwork to entertainment without thinking about some of its behind the scenes issues . Recently , the issue of internet domain parking has arisen , and when I began this report , I had no real idea what that was . However some quick research indicated a plethora of information

Individuals can use internet parking for legitimate and non-legitimate purposes . The non-legitimate , even illegal , purposes are known as cybersquatting . According to the U .S . federal law known as the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act , cybersquatting is registering , trafficking in , or using a domain name with bad-faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else ‘ Cybersquatters use the derivation of the legitimate businesses name in their domain that might be accidently reached by a visitor due to a guess at what the name may be or a commonly made typo of the name When a number of people accidently visit this site , they offer to sell the domain to the legitimate business at inflated prices (Cybersquatting , 2006 . It is a type of internet blackmail

Next , I wanted to know what both the legitimate and illegitimate uses of domain parking are . I started with the legitimate ones and continued to the illegitimate ones . Some of the types of legitimate uses of internet domain parking actually produce a benefit for someone . Basically , those seeking to make legitimate businesses of internet parking develop a website that is intending for traffic that are seeking specific products or services . The usual way to do this is to build a site and then putting ads on that site . The more traffic the owner earns based on keywords , the more money he earns . These sites are not intended to mimic a common site , but are driven by keywords only . The advertisers park ‘ on this otherwise empty site to attract visitors and pay the owner of the site a fee to do so (Making Money on the Internet , 2006

Another legitimate use of… [banner_entry_footer]


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