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Week 2 DQ`s

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There are many software development methods that help programmers plan for , develop and maintain computer programs . Find one you like and write a short summary about it . Tells us why it is a good or bad method

There are various methods available on the basis of any software can be developed , Some of them are the Linear Sequential Model or waterfall model , the Prototyping Model , the RAD Model , the Incremental Model , the Spiral Model , the concurrent development model

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Prototyping Model : TC “5 .1 . The Prototyping Model ” \f C \l “2 ” A prototype is a working model that is functionally equivalent to a component of the product . In many instances the client only has a general view of what is expected from the software product . In such a scenario where there is an absence of detailed information regarding the input to the system , the processing needs and output requirements , the prototyping model may be employed . This model reflects an attempt to increase the flexibility of the development process by allowing the client to interact and experiment with a working representation of the product . The developmental process only continues once the client is satisfied with the functioning of the prototype . At that stage the developer determines the specifications of the client ‘s real needs

There are various advantages of prototyping model . Some of them are faster development and easier for end user to understand because of involvement , fewer changes needed after implementation and user knows what to expect at implementation , user requirement is easier to determined as there is always communication occurs between user and developer (analyst , and development cost reduces

Some of the disadvantages of prototype model are that often clients expect that a few minor changes to the prototype will more than suffice their needs and fail to realize that no consideration was given to the overall quality of the software in the rush to develop the prototype the developers may lose focus on the real purpose of the prototype and compromise the quality of the product

What challenges are you facing with using Miracle C or the C software you are using ? What lessons have you learned as you prepare your 1st program with your team ? Why do you think UoPhx decided to use C as the programming language for this class

I am facing trouble in using Miracle C complier . As this is the first time I am using Miracle C software for programming C language . The main issue that I am encountering with Miracle C is that I am not able to obtain complete list for the error messages from compiler when I am writing C programming code . I have many errors sometimes but I am unable to understand the errors that are generated by Miracle C compiler

It is important that we work in team for more and more activity (programming . The main lesson I learned when I program with my team is that it… [banner_entry_footer]


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