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1 . The Facts about Hepatitis : A Lifelong Struggle

Recommended websites

HYPERLINK “http /www .healthed .govt .nz /upload /PDF /4182__103155 .pdf http /www .healthed .govt .nz /upload /PDF /4182__103155 .pdf

This website gives an overview of Hepatitis A , B and C

HYPERLINK “http /www .hepnet .com ” http /www .hepnet .com

This website provides all the latest information regarding Hepatitis The most fascinating aspect of this website is that it has many links depending on the nature of information that a viewer is searching for

HYPERLINK “http /www .medscape .com /viewarticle /493192 [banner_entry_middle]

http /www .medscape .com /viewarticle /493192

Issues in the Management of Hepatitis B : An Expert Interview with Yves Benhamou , MD , PhD . Posted 11 /23 /2004 . In this interview , Yves Benhamou discusses the current role of the nucleotide /nucleoside analogues and other therapies in the treatment of hepatitis B as well as the potential path forward in this therapeutic arena

2 . Tokyo Drift -The Real Thing

Recommended websites

HYPERLINK “http /entertainment .howstuffworks .com /drifting1 .htm http /entertainment .howstuffworks .com /drifting1 .htm

This website describes in detail the process of drifting

HYPERLINK “http /www .drifting .com /article .php ?threadid 5500 goto newpost show_Tit le http /www .drifting .com /article .php ?threadid 5500 goto newpost show_Titl e

This is an interview with Terence Jenkins from Lateral G Racing . It is highly informative and provides information regarding suspension and steering modifications

HYPERLINK “http /everything2 .com /index .pl ?node_id 1844993 http /everything2 .com /index .pl ?node_id 1844993

This website is about building a drift car . It has technical details and discusses various cars with respective to drifting This is about all I know about drifting . Through this assignment , I would like to learn more about the techniques , styles and methods . Also I would like to investigate the modifications that are needed to drift a car . This includes suspension and steering modifications as well as engine performance and the over all appearance of the car… [banner_entry_footer]


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