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WEBSITE Evaluation

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Website Evaluation

V2 : Video Reviews

Title of Video Reviewed Source of Review Grade Level

Subject Area

Rating / Purchase Rating

Human Body for Children : All About Health and Hygiene (2001

http /www .kidsfirst .org For Children five to ten years of age

Health , Human Body , Hygiene Given 3 stars out of four both by adult and kid juror

East Asia Series : Lollipop Dragon Goes Continental (1994

Digital Library Reserve : http /www .mymediamall .com Primary

K-3 Travel Not rated

Open Wide- Tooth School Inside (2006 ) Scholastic Publishing p [banner_entry_middle]

http /teacher .scholastic .com K-5 Dental Hygiene , Health , Humor Learning , School Not rated

Winner in Columbus International Film and Video Festival Families of the World Video Series (2001 ) www .reviewcorner .com For children six to eleven years of age Social Sciences 5 ? stars out of six Research using Digital Media

Lesson Plan

Learner Analysis

This lesson plan was developed for fifth grade students in language particularly for their lessons in data gathering in research . By now the students will have a basic idea on what research is and how it is conducted . However , the discussion of research can be abstract for students as young as fifth graders since children of this age learn best through visualization and practice . It is from this perspective that the teacher will use a video clip so that the students will be able to see the practice of research in concrete terms


Fifth grade language students will be able to name at least four sources of digital information in research

Fifth grade language students will acquire basic knowledge in the utilization of digital media in acquiring information

Fifth grade language students will be able to conduct data gathering for simple research activities using the internet

Instructional Methods and Materials

The methods that will be used in this lesson are a combination of short lecture and discussion , group activity , and video /film showing

This lesson requires the following materials

Discovery School video clip on digital media from unitedstreaming (Discovering Language Arts : Research (Grades 3-5 . Discovery Channel School (2006 .http /www .unitedstreaming .com

Computers with internet connection

Colored and pens

Methodology /Procedure

The lesson will begin with a recap lecture on research concepts purpose , and data gathering process . The teacher will ask the students about the sources that they normally use in the conduct of research activities

The teacher will then show the students the Discovery School video clip on digital media

After the clip is shown , the teacher will ask the students to write down in the colored s what digital media can be used for data gathering in research . The listings of the students will be used as a point of discussion on why these materials can be potential sources of information

After the discussion the teacher will tell the students to form into groups for an activity where the students will gather information for a particular (ie . Rivers , computers , etc ) from the internet , and as an assignment will form a scrapbook or creative album to present… [banner_entry_footer]


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