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Website Critique

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p Website Critique

2006 The web-site I chose has been one of my favorite sites of British Literature . I discovered this web-site while searching the HYPERLINK “http /www .google .com ” www .google .com web-site to find general information about British authors

HYPERLINK “http /www .classic-literature .co .uk http /www .classic-literature .co .uk is the hosting title , and the title of the upper banner is Free public domain books from the classic Literature Library . The title of the page fully corresponds to the content of the web-site . As I expected from the title [banner_entry_middle]

, the books on the web-site were free to access . The target of the page is the academic audience who need basic information about authors and the full content of the books . The overall design and the construction suggest me that they do not aim at having creative and appealing web-site which will interest casual visitors . The right hand column is designed for advertised web-sites involved in selling books , thus , potential buyers are also among the targeted audience . A designated search will only reveal the web-site among millions of other similar web-sites . I would not consider this web-site one of the best ones illustrating classical literature in terms of creativity and its overall look . In fact , it does taste and smell like `classical . Nevertheless , it is very practical and useful for those who want a quick review of the classical authors and their works

The web-site is as simple and structured as possible . The vast number of links , sub links and categories are structured and the needed author in a certain category is quite possible to find within seconds . As a first experience the navigation may seem difficult , but after studying it for a while one gets familiar with the system and easily orientates on the web-site . All the links I have been using were active and I never had a problem in accessing any page I entered

The three click rule ‘ is respected . The structure of the web-site is very complex . And back links are provided on the web-page , but again one should get familiar to master the logic of surfing around the web-site . E .g , the back links on the works are place on the bottom of the page , and if it is longer than the desktop space , one cannot guess that the back links are placed on the bottom

The appearance of the web-site is not appealing as I mentioned above The design is basic , the background is white and the layout of the page also the sub-pages are very simple . The advertised web-links are framed in red and burn ‘ the eye dragging attention into it . The position of the advertised web-links is also chosen in a non-appropriate way for those who aim at finding authors and pieces of work free of charge . The active links are all in blue , which also is not comfortable for the eye Each author ‘s page has his photo , which is of a very bad quality . The scanned images are sometimes… [banner_entry_footer]


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