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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS : Styles sheets define how HTML elements are to be displayed . In short Cascading Style Sheets is referred as CSS . It controls the appearance of multiple HTML pages by just including one single external style sheet . External style sheet (CSS ) enables developer to change the appearance and layout of all the pages in their WebPages by just editing one single CSS . For storing external style sheets CSS s ( .css ‘ extension ) are used

One can [banner_entry_middle]

use `class ‘ or `id ‘ tag for CSS . But the difference between `class ‘ or `id ‘ is that an `id ‘ is applied to a unique object , there can not be two same `id ‘ within a webpage . But a `class ‘ can designate several identical objects . For example below code 1 is possible for `class ‘ but 2 can not be used for `id br

So in case one wants to use to bold several short selections of text in his /her HTML document , he /she uses `id ‘ tag

The three ways by which style can be added in HTML document are

External style sheet

Internal style sheet (inside the tag

Inline style (inside an HTML element

In terms of priority when HTML document displays , it first looks for Inline style , than for internal style sheet (inside the tag ) and at last include External style sheet which is CSS


Goetter , R (n .d . What is the difference between a class and an id Retrieved on 30 January 2007 from… [banner_entry_footer]


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