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ways of knowing in the humanities and the arts

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Ways of Knowing In Humanities and Arts

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Humanities and arts are an integral and important part of all academic disciplines . It is very important for the academic development of a person . In some western countries , it is imperative for all students to take up some courses in arts . This is regardless of the fact that they might be pursuing an entirely different course of study like perhaps engineering or biology

Arts are vital for the intellectual and [banner_entry_middle]

aesthetic development and growth of an individual . They also help in widening the imagination of a person . Thus it ‘s very important for a person to indulge in the study of arts for his sake

The humanities are often defined as a group of academic disciplines The humanities include , but are not limited to , history literature philosophy and ethics foreign languages and cultures linguistics jurisprudence or philosophy of law archaeology comparative religion the history , theory , and criticism of the arts and those aspects of the social sciences (anthropology , sociology , psychology , political science government , and economics ( HYPERLINK “http /www .mfh .org /foundation /human .htm http /www .mfh .org /foundation /human .htm

All of these subjects use subjective or qualitative methodology and approach instead of utilising a more objective and numerological approach towards disciplines academic or otherwise

How Do Humanities And Sciences Differ

Humanities and sciences differ in numerous ways . Firstly , humanities as I mentioned earlier use a more interpretive and subjective approach and methodology while the sciences make use of a more of an objective approach . They conduct laboratory experiments and other forms of statistical research and methods to arrive at conclusions . Whereas in humanities , a more interactive approach is used to conduct research such as interviews [personalized and non-personalized] and other methods such as participation observation etc . This allows for more personal interaction and closer investigation . These kinds of methods are applied in social sciences to arrive at conclusions

The second difference is that as sciences deal with matter and the physical world . Thus , it is possible in sciences to find definite and objective answers which is not possible with the social sciences or humanities because human nature and civilization undergoes constant change

The third difference between the two is that the results of scientific experiments do not differ in different environments and geographical regions . But , the results of social sciences experiments will differ with areas and differing cultures because human beings can not have constant and same reactions all the time and under all set of circumstances

How Are Humanities And Sciences Alike

There are few similarities between the humanities and sciences but nevertheless they are there . The use of critical theory is common in both disciplines . Also , now more objective methods of research are being used by the scientists in an effort to produce more accurate results Similarly a more qualitative approach to scientific disciplines is being adopted by contemporary scientists

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