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Washington Irving

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p Washington Irving Washington Irving Regarded as one of America ’92s earliest and most potent purveyors of romanticism , Washington Irving was also the first American writer of fiction to claim international renown . Irving toured Europe as a young man , enjoyed ample economic and educational resources , and thus was uniquely poised to generate a style of fiction which could engender fame both in his native country and abroad . ’93Without doubt Irving ‘s youthful exposure to European scenery and attitudes conditioned and strengthened his romantic predisposition ’94 (Aderman 14

Critically , Irving ’92s [banner_entry_middle]

works , particularly those published in his 1822 collection ’93The Sketch Book ’94 comprise a transitional stage in American literature , forming a bridge between the realist excursions of the 18th century to a wondrous romanticism in the following century ’93In his early writings Irving frequently used the word “romantic ” to convey his sense of wonder and awe . Variants and embellishments of the phrase “romantic scenery ” appeared regularly in his journals , letters and published writings , and the romantic outlook seems firmly fixed in his imagination , to appear in various ways for the next half century ’94 (Aderman 14

Irving attained a unique blend of satire and melancholy in his most well-known stories : Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow . His writings offer a distinctive blend of Old World and new World sensibilities , which , coupled with the sentimentality and archetypal resonance of his best-known works , allowed him to become a beloved spokesperson for traditional values whilst simultaneously embracing what he himself recognized as a young nation – ’97 America – ’97 which had yet to evolve a defining literature

Irving ’92s unusual blend of humor , sometimes mawkish sentimentality as well as his Gothicism and reverence for the past deeply influenced later such as Hawthorne and Henry

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James . His romantic vision of nature , of beauty , and his cultural curiosity captivated his contemporaries ’93These elements were greatly admired by popular readers , and Irving ’92s felicitous style appealed to sophisticated readers not ordinarily attracted to the sentimental and sensational ’94 – ’97 and still exert a powerful influence over readers today . Though his narrative style , by contemporary standards seems slow-moving and bogged down in exposition , the near-mythical resonance of his plots and characters still dazzle modern audience as reinterpreted for the screen , and also in the writings of contemporary authors who admittedly draw less of Irving ’92s romanticism for favoring his Gothic voice (Aderman 15

The regional and geological specificity in Irving ’92s work also offers modern readers a glimpse of America ’92s glorious , natural past Impressions of nature , alongside impressions of Native Americans and customs , lend Irving ’92s short stories genuine historical richness as well as magnifying his innate romanticism . The ’93frame ’94 of Rip Van Winkle contains some beautiful writing , enriched by Irving ’92s sensitivities toward nature and the continent ’92s indigenous peoples

’93The Kattsberg or Catskill Mountains have always been a region full of fable . The Indians considered them the abode… [banner_entry_footer]


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