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Was the settlement at Burlington Northern Railway fair?

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Was the settlement at Burlington Northern Railway Fair

On January 13 , 1961 , the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company earlier regarded as Burlington Northern Railroad Company — BNRR was included in the state of Delaware , in the form of an associate of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation — BNSF . By 1995 , the shareholders of two companies Burlington Northern Inc — BNI and Santa Fe Pacific Corporation — SFP have been turned into the stockholders of BNSF in pursuance of a business amalgamation of the two . As a mark of such amalgamation [banner_entry_middle]

, BNSF was constituted to perform as the parent company of BNI and SFP . BNI and SFP each had possessed the number one railroad like the BNRR and the Atchison , Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company etc As the trend reveals there was a merger of BNI with SFP on December 30 1996 and on December 31 , 1996 , it was merged with BNRR to become BNRR and become known as the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company . The parent company SFP was merged with BNRR on January 2 , 1998 with and into BNSF Railway . An associate of BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe British Columbia , Ltd . — BNSF BC was incorporated in BNSF Railway (Edgar Online , 2002

Presently the BNSF Railway functions as the largest railroad system in the United States . The rail operations are governed by the regulatory measures imposed by the Surface Transportation Board — STB , the Federal Railroad Administration , existing under the Department of Transportation in United States , the occupational safety and Health Administration — OSHA and state regulatory agencies . The State Transport Board , earlier known as Interstate Commerce Commission — ICC oversees various issues involving the disputes and complaints associated with certain rates routes and services , the sale or abandonment of rail lines , applications for line extensions and construction and consolidation or merger with or acquisition of regulation of , rail common carriers . The result of the STB proceedings has a tremendous impact on the costs and profitability of the activities of BNSF Railway (Edgar Online , 2002

The Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration have been delegated with the powers to enforce several safety and health related measures in connection with the rail operations under several federal statutes . The state agencies control some facets of rail operations with regard to the health and safety in the fields not anticipated by the federal laws . The rail activities of BNSF Railways and also that of its competitors are prone to have far reaching federal , state and local environmental regulations . Such regulations incorporate the releases to water bodies , air emissions toxic substances , and the creation , handling , storage , transportation and clearance of waste and unsafe materials . Such regulations have the impact of rising cost and liabilities associated with rail operations (Edgar Online , 2002 ) The environmental risks are also intrinsic in the rail operations , as a result of the regular transportation of chemicals and other unsafe materials . It is also common that many of the land holdings of… [banner_entry_footer]


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