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Wakako Yamauchi

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Hatsue ‘s husband forces Yamada-san to leave , Hatsue is both lovelorn and depressed , so much so that she accidentally allows the new baby to drown . The story concludes in ambivalent affirmation as the family unites emotionally after the tragedy

Other pieces exemplify similar themes : The Handkerchief (1961 ) presents the predicament an issei woman ‘s children find themselves in when she leaves them to lead her own life , and That Was All (1980 ) is the story of a young woman ‘s unrequited love for an itinerant issei . Two stories A Veteran of [banner_entry_middle]

Foreign Wars (1981 ) and So What Who Cares (1994 ) come from the perspective of an older nisei woman as she retells her stories of misspent sexuality and memories of the past

Because Yamauchi is best known for her dramatic works , her short fiction has not received the attention it deserves . Some work , however , exists McDonald and Newman write that in her stories , Yamauchi push[es] beyond traditional Japanese beliefs in the sanctity of the family .[and] embrace[s] the freedom of the American woman of the last part of the twentieth century (41 . Stan Yogi , concerned with mother-daughter relationships , believes that these narratives thus not only quietly subvert the rigid constructs of the Issei family .[but] they also subtly suggest , through the reactions of Nisei daughters to their mothers , the transformation of the very standards the mothers violate (132 . In his introduction to Songs , Garrett Hongo writes that Yamauchi develops a somewhat sparse prose , theless musical , graced with an affection for rendering physical details with precision (7 Valerie Matsumoto believes that Yamauchi ‘s stories of love desperation , fear , and determination show us unforgettable faces and the myriad colors of emotion (9 , and M . Dick Osumi reads And the Soul Shall Dance ‘ through a Jungian and Mythological lens and writes that Yamauchi… [banner_entry_footer]


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