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voluntary organisations

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Voluntary Organizations


As the selected Director of my organization , I have found that from the preliminary onset of this project there are problems and concerns that must be addressed . For management it is vital that a sense of purpose and direction be provided to all personnel . My initial concern is that without providing that direction my current employees and new hires will sense potential disorganization and disunity in the team . When speaking of purpose I am implying that we provide both the current employees as well as the new hires [banner_entry_middle]

with the resemblance of a team which is dynamic progressing , and forward-thinking . This initial direction will layout the groundwork for showing each employee that there are opportunities responsibilities , and positive rewards tied to each role . It is the intention of management to inform each employee that set practices procedures , and policies are in place which can guide the career paths of each individual . In addition , direction constitutes effectively managing the unit and guiding aspects of the team and acts in the manner of a supervision practice

The initial project is to gauge the expectation level of the experienced employees who have been declined the role of director . These employees are over attentive to my every action , gesture , and direction simply because they consider administrators to be a `waste of money . These feelings of frustration and potential disrespect must be delt with carefully . Based upon the path-goal theory of leadership , also referred to as the expectancy theory of motivation , my general purpose as the Director is to improve `subordinate motivation , satisfaction , and performance ‘ As the old saying goes , you win more bees with honey . My initial goal is to win over the support and respect of these experienced employees . My concern is the retention of these experienced workers because if they choice to pursue other company roles then their leaving will leave a gap in the knowledge base of my team . I will seek to attribute time to empowering these workers and encourage them to play a vital role in decision-making . These employees must be relied upon in the future handling and teamwork of my new hires

This theory has taught be that four leadership styles come into play and should be used in situations like this one

1 . directive

2 . supportive

3 . participative

4 . achievement-oriented

Let me elaborate upon these styles . Based upon the directive style , the leadership component simply directs activities without regard for subordinate participation or opinion in the actual decision making . My overall perspective of this style is that it will create more animosity within my unit . Should I seek to instill general team unity , this style will falter my general plans and create more barriers between my experienced employees and myself . Furthermore , the experienced employees are already feeling that my role is insignificant and this leadership approach would only further alienate them . Should I simply direct tasks my subordinates will fail to approach me with concerns , problems , or requests for change . In turn , I will… [banner_entry_footer]


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