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voice of generation–500 word essay

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Statement of My Generation

The contemporary world is characterized by the enormous impact media makes on the world ad people who live in it . During the past two decades we got used to the fact that newss , movies , TV shows or magazines dictate us what to wear , read , use and even say . It is media nowadays that gives us most data for comparison , for creating our own criteria of what is good and what is bad . The lives of most contemporary people are formed according to the ideals that media gives us , and [banner_entry_middle]

the more intensive is the pressure , the more popular is the idea that is promoted

The main difference of the contemporary generation is that the youth got used to this pressure from their early childhood , and they are better in coping with it than those , who are older . Young people are used to the fact that media is often lying , and that it is often used to promote some ideas or products , and they are less vulnerable to tat hypnotizing effect of entertainment and informational resources

Billie Joe Armstrong , the leader of the Green Day band is the one that expresses the opinion of that yong generation , of the people that don ‘t want to live according to the rules and stndarts media inflicts us every day . Those people prefer to look upon the world by their own eyes , and interpret the things that happen around by themselves , using their education , experience , and the ability to make logical conclusions . The young American generation doesn ‘t want to live in the world where everything is okay

Welcome to a new kind of tension

All across the alien nation

Where everything isn ‘t meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow

We ‘re not the ones who ‘re meant to follow

For that ‘s enough to argue . – Billie Joe Armstrong wrote in their famous song American Idiot

The contemporary youth doesn ‘t want to be fooled by the television dreams of tomorrow ‘ And Billie Joe Armstrong was the man that said it aloud , that let the world know that the new generation of Americans is not going to listen to the lies media often presents , and follow the stereotypes it creates . The value system of the contemporary American youth is very different from that of the older people . For them an individual is valued and his ability to think , work and be creative

Of course , every human being needs the material to form his /her value system , and personal experience is usually not enough . But the contemporary young people see that magazines and TV shows are not the best source , where they can get them

One more feature that characterizes the contemporary youth is that they really know to know the truth about the political situation in the country and out of it . Now everybody do the propaganda ‘ – writes Billie Joe Armstrong , and younger people are used to it . They are able to think by themselves , and… [banner_entry_footer]


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