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A brief study of the contribution of military to visual arts

One of the lesser-known facts in the field of visual arts is the role and contribution of military to this field . The military is the sense of pride and icon of patriotism for any nation The military ‘s wartime activities are anxiously followed up by its entire population with extreme passion the military , no doubt carries with it the epitome of a nation ‘s joy or anguish . No other activity or achievement of [banner_entry_middle]

a nation including social , economic or political development can move a nation to this extent , such as those associated with patriotism . Many thinkers associate patriotism with a sense of security , which culminates during hostile conditions . Capt . Andrews talks of soldiers , The heroism of every man contributes to the military fame of the common country , increasing everywhere the conception and dread of her prowess , and adding to the respect with which her flag is regarded in every clime and on every sea . Thus a military in action is the representative of its nation ‘s mood , its hope its glory and its despair . It is this ability of the military to command extreme passions that it plays a significant role in visual arts

Most art forms particularly the visual arts had started tilting towards expression of emotion from objective expression , since the mid 19th century . It did not start as an artistic revolution or movement , but was triggered by individual artists . However , between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century expressionism in arts became wide spread . Another significant change in the field of arts is the trend in the conception and execution of artistic ideas . Conception is the initial creative urge or impulse of an art idea on an artist , while execution is the process of actually carrying out the art idea . Contemporary artists place more importance on the conception process , while traditional artists see execution of the art as being important . The painter Henri Matisse says in his essay On Painting , that Artists should keep their initial impulse in the front of their minds when working on a painting , to make the best expressive and formal decisions One of the important factors contributing to the role of military in visual arts is perhaps the fact that it is associated with an high risk activity zone . Not all information from the war zone is disseminated , and whatever finds its way out , may not be free of bias or manipulation . Here visual arts in whatever form , serves to bridge the information gap , giving us the opportunity to know , ponder and evaluate the happenings . Thanks to the military and its way of working , visual arts is also wonderfully projected as a media

Like stated earlier the military is held in high esteem , with soldiers as heroes during crisis . When soldiers or enemy warriors suffer , perform , fail or excel , each moment of it is either cherished or mourned . It… [banner_entry_footer]


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