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Virgin Group

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The Virgin Group

Chapter 1


The Virgin Company

Founded by Sir Richard Branson , the Virgin group began as a travel company that hosts travel operations from the European regions towards other areas of the world . Aside form the travel operations the company also caters to package transfer duties that are shipped from UK towards the American and Australian continents . The company has also established a fine relationship towards its sister companies the Virgin Express and the Virgin Blue

Later on , the market of the Virgin Group of Companies [banner_entry_middle]

began to expand The traditional service that the company offers its clients have greatly taken a leap forward as the management of the company took a chance in venturing in other areas of business industry , which they though would further cater to other essential needs of their company ‘s clients

As a result , the establishment of two major rail franchises that sells more than just the usual travel tour packages offered by the Virgin Company . Aside from the focus of the company on travel operations , the franchise establishments also sell entertainment materials such as magazines and music videos and DVD gadgets . There also came the establishment of the Virgin Mega stores that serve as the major mall-like establishments of the company that mostly offer materials in connection with entertainment

Aside from the many operations that the Virgin Group of Companies caters to , there are also other services that they still offer the public . The said services include balloon flights , beverages , bridal stores , cosmetics , financial services , health clubs , Internet services mobile phone services , publishing , and a record label (2007

As closely observed , the entire concern of the company is to provide recreation , entertainment and leisure to its clients . Hence , it could be noticed that most of its market comes from the upper level of the global economy . This directly refers to the fact that most of the clients that are able to appreciate and consume their products and accept their services are those who have the capability to pay for the amount of their business transactions

Being in the industry that holds much the competition as it is directly connected to entertainment and travel systems which is now the most in demand services in the society , how are the Virgin group of Companies able to cope up with the competition that is present in the business society ? How are they able to refine their strategies of market approach considering that they are considered as a multinational company that has to deal with multicultural society of workers ? Aside from this , as the company grows even larger and ventures to different areas of business how are they able to keep a strong stand in the competitive pace of the global business culture ? These questions and more shall be answered on the chapter discussions that follow


The Competitive Strategies of the Virgin Group

In business , there is always competition . According to Milton Snoeyenbos , Competition is the essence of putting up a business and… [banner_entry_footer]


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