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Violence Remedies Against Women

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Violence Remedies Against Women

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Violence Remedies Against Women

There is nothing new about battered women (Rhoodie , 1989 ,

. 13 The studies of Dr . Monique Fouant into Chilean mummies from around 1000 B .C . showed that an unprecedented percentage of the female bodies showed obvious symptoms of violence fractured limbs and skulls abounded These results are mirrored in studies of other ancient cultures and indeed the trend has continued right up into the present day . Women face and always have faced violence from men , and unfortunately the [banner_entry_middle]

br causes of this abuse are not exactly clear . It is believed by many different researchers and aid workers that the abuse is a form of control over women who are usually spouses of the abusers , and the behavior has also been suggested in connection with fundamental human mental patterns that stem from the more animal instincts still found in modern people

In conjunction with research on the existence and underlying factors of abuse against women , there are studies and experiments being carried out to ascertain how to successfully combat this trend of violence against women . The theories are based on two major and conflicting theories biological determinism and mental conditioning . Researchers have generally grouped their theories of violence remedy into one of these two basic groups , feeling strongly that the long history of violence against women has either more to do with genetic factors or long standing societal features that encourage men to embrace a position of power and protect it . Modern theories in general , however , suggest that violent behavior against women is purely a social structure that needs to be addressed to make a positive change

Battered women agree that more services need to be organized to help others out of violent relationships that are otherwise very difficult to leave , however it is victims of abuse themselves that have had the biggest influence on updating these services and making them available (Aris , Hague and Mullender , 2003 . Understandably , it is the women who have survived violence who know how to best benefit others in their situation

One of the most common forms of abuse treatment is a simple relationship building exercise . Using former abuse sufferers as a central factor in informal counseling sessions , outreach organizations aim to help abuse victims by allowing them to build friendships and trust with women who have been in the same situation and survived . Aid workers realize that the first step to helping battered women is to offer them the trust of someone who knows what they are going through By using survivors of abuse within the aid organizations , such groups can also gain important information about the victim ‘s state of mind and methods of attack , both physical and psychological

Another widely used combatant of violence against women is the violence forum . Victims of this kind of abuse who have found an agency to offer support will often be invited to take part in an anonymous , open forum where they can talk freely and… [banner_entry_footer]


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