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Violence Remedies Against Women

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Violence Remedies Against Women

Marriage answers the deep urge that most people possess to be intimately connected with one another and to bear children . Marriage has its variations , good and bad throughout human history . It has evolved and developed , but still has a way to go in the matter of spousal abuse and inequality between men and women . Today , around the world at least one woman in every three has been beaten , coerced into sex , or otherwise abused in her lifetime . Violence against women and girls continues to be a global epidemic [banner_entry_middle]

and is considered one of the most pervasive of human rights violations

Violence against women and girls includes physical , sexual psychological , and economic abuse . For the past years various sectors of the government have been trying to find ways to curb this major health and societal problem that devastatingly affected individuals , families and communities . A lot of approaches and treatment were tried including the enforcement of criminal action and civil relief , counseling , and mediation . These approaches and treatment paved way to different studies conducted to determine their effectivity and its impact to the batterer the victim , family , and community . These studies also tried to determine whether the treatment or approach used has effectively reduced violence and whether a particular treatment or approach works better than the rest . However , these studies conducted fall short on the reliability and validity aspects affecting its results . The said shortcoming is influenced by so many factors including changes in reported rates of abuse according to the definition of violence used , the way questions are asked , the type of the target population , and the methodology of the study . Accordingly , methodology is very important to test the reliability and validity of the result and that there is a need to address the impact of the methodology on the results obtained (Fedder 1995 ,

. 65 . Because of this inadequate data to support further program and studies of the government and other organization there is a need to device a study that would assess the treatment , approach , or program scientifically and systematically . Accurate and comparable data on violence against women are needed to strengthen advocacy , help policymakers understand the problem , and guide the design of preventive interventions

On the other hand , government and other private organizations with a the goal of protecting battered women designed some programs to address the issue of violence and to help the victim . The government through its judicial system is committed to respond to the needs of victims of domestic violence and their families and continues to make strides in effectuating civil legal relief . According to Klein and Orloff (1999 the American judicial system is improving the accessibility and efficiency of the legal protection available to victims of domestic violence by allowing victims to seek a civil protection before the abuse escalates into an even more dangerous and violent pattern (1999 pp .44-45 . These civil protection s were controversial when they came into use in the United States , but there were… [banner_entry_footer]


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