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Violence against Women

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Violence against Women

At the beginning of the millennium , physical and psychological abuse of women is still an important problem which has deep social roots . Gender expresses the universal inequality between women and men , but when researchers speak about gender influences they also speak about hierarchy , power , and inequality , not simply difference . Thesis Since childhood many women experience violence within the family , but aggressiveness and negative attitude towards society and men is not the best way to resist domestic violence and male oppression

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has been openly echoing through society for decades . So as to inspect this state of affairs one must make an effort to get to the root of the problem and have got to recognize the sociological factors that cause women to have a much more hard time getting the similar benefits , wages , as well as job opportunities as their male counterparts . Domestic violence is a social problem which `ruins ‘ modern society . In the article : Talking Back the author vividly portrays that many girls experience violence since childhood . They [parents] were intended to punish me – the child – and more particular the girl child (Hooks 2005 , 207 . This is an example of policy of `silence ‘ followed by many parents in to suppress liberation and personal identity of girls . The main problem is that ‘abuse ‘ must thus be something serious enough to warrant the state intervention . Modern society does not pay attention to domestic violence against girls seeing it as family upbringing . In adult life , it results in hostility towards men and society in general

There is a general tendency amongst defenders of the liberal standard to represent anything other than serious physical injury , especially something like emotional injury , as too controversial to include within a definition of abuse . Moreover the more unfavorably legal intrusion is viewed the higher the threshold for such intervention is likely to be set . Stress and mental diss can be seen as one of the most important latent social problems which is difficult to identify , but which has a great impact on society and the family . It is important to note that the mental well-being of women is difficult to define and protect . Social stress leads to such emerging social problems as alcoholism and drug abuse , suicides and poor family relations . As the most important , it distorts social images of women and their gender identity . One women describes : I was in an abusive relationship for three years , and it kind of brought that up – when I spar with my trainer it kind of brought all that up again (McCaugney 1995 , 124 This remark and stories of other women vividly portray that the problem of domestic violence is difficult to determine and prevent . It may arise from social and personal factors and can be psychological or physiological . The consequences of these include dissatisfaction accidents and absenteeism . Personal factors that may produce stress include ageing , low self-esteem , impatience , fear of failure

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