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Vegan Diet

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Vegan Diets

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In recent years , vegetarian and vegan diets have come into the spotlight in the media . Vegan diets , especially , have been shown to be beneficial in many ways , as they include no meat or animal products at all . Animal products include eggs , milk , cheese , jell-o , and anything else that is made through or by an animal . A vegan diet will benefit the economy , a person ‘s health and animals (livestock

There are also serious proponents of an omnivorous diet (eating meat and meat products in addition to [banner_entry_middle]

vegetables and grains . These proponents make many claims about the benefits of an omnivorous diet , such as `meat is necessary because of the unique nutrients it contains ‘ `one should not cut out any entire food group ‘ `milking cows doesn ‘t hurt them , so why not drink it ‘ and `livestock are raised to become food

However , these arguments are not good . Nutritionally , a vegan diet is a good choice . Many sources state that as long as a person is careful to eat a variety of foods , like grains , leafy vegetables , and beans , he will be fine . Beans contain just as much protein as meat , which means that meat is not necessary . If a person eats a variety of different plant products in a day , enough protein is nearly a guarantee . A carefully planned vegan diet is just as beneficial as an omnivorous diet , if not more so , as no single food contains any unique nutrients (Mangels et . al . Additionally , people with type 2 diabetes benefit more from eating a vegan diet than they do eating any other type of diet , and it may reduce their need for medication (Warner . Clearly , there is some serious nutritional benefit from choosing a vegan diet as opposed to an omnivorous one

The biggest problem that vegans have with maintaining a balanced diet is their intake of vitamin B12 . A deficiency here can cause anemia However , supplements and a carefully planned diet can make up for vitamin deficiencies in protein , iron , zinc , calcium , vitamin D riboflavin , vitamin B-12 , vitamin A , n-3 fatty acids , and iodine According to the American Dietetic Association , A vegetarian including vegan , diet can meet current recommendations for all of these nutrients (Mangels et . al . All the scary stories in the news about vegans and vegetarians being hospitalized for nutritional deficiencies do not matter . A few people may not have taken supplements or consulted a doctor for nutritional planning , but it is easily possible to have a complete and balanced diet as a vegan

Milk seems like a naturally produced food . Cows produce milk all the time .and so humans are just helping them out by milking them , not hurting them . Wrong . Milking cows can hurt them . It ‘s not the process itself , but the fact that many farms use growth hormones to keep cows producing milk constantly . Like humans , cows typically produce milk when they have babies . Farmers can introduce hormones to keep the cows producing milk all the time , thereby… [banner_entry_footer]


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