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validity in quantitative content analysis

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VALIDITY IN QUANTITATIVE CONTENT ANALYSIS (QCA QCA has been defined as a “a research technique for the systematic objective , and quantitative of the manifest content of communication (Berelson , 1952 . The technique involves the process of segregating communication content into different units , assigning each unit to a singular category and providing quantitative tally to each category . Networked computers are now being used in education to facilitate communications and hence QCA can also be effectively used for content analysis in the same . The use of QCA to educational applications in communications which are [banner_entry_middle]

mediated by computers however needs to be validated

QCA as a form of testing and measurement is a powerful tool but can be used only after procedures for test development have been effectively codified . Studies on use of QCA indicated that the conclusions used such as frequency of posting messages on computer networks and average number of words used did not support the need for a systematic measurement These are particularly difficult in analyzing inferences that can be drawn from content which is a function of assessing knowledge transformations . For this purpose well designed tests need to be effectively formalized Coding protocols which are theoretically valid also need to be constructed . This is possible only through a rigorous process which involves firstly identifying the purpose of the coding data , denote the behaviors that represent the construct , reviewing the categories and indicators , having preliminary tryouts and finally developing guide lines for administration , scoring and interpretation of the coding scheme . It is only after going through all these steps that a valid instrument will be available to the content analyst Finally the empirical evidence gathered needs to be evaluated for validity of inferences which are derived from the testing procedures Unless these made are validated empirically , it would not be possible to negate those that are not in context , thereby providing greater credibility to the procedure . Some of the processes for the same are co relational analyses , examination of group differences and experimental or instructional interventions

Despite these rigorous processes it is felt that methodically developed and systematically validated coding protocols in QCA are rare thereby negating its overall value as compared to qualitative forms of content analysis


Berelson , B (1952 . Content analysis in communication research Glencoe , IL : Free Press… [banner_entry_footer]


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