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USC application

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1 . Tell us about an activity that is important to you , and why

Writing is an important activity to me because it allows my soul to rest after a long day . For some people , they find comfort in sports but writing allows me to speak to my inner person , to find strength . The ability to allow my words to flow across a blank piece of gives me a voice , a perspective , and a little world that many do not understand We all have a space within us that needs to be fulfilled so my [banner_entry_middle]

is the room , the one area where secrets are shared and time is spent in reflection of my experiences . My writing penetrates my being and allows me to feel secure in whom I am , what I want to accomplish , and it provides an open forum with no disagreements . Without writing , I may have fallen to pieces during some changes of my life . My family and friends understand how important writing is to me because I share spurs of my insights with them through poems , letters , and other forms of `written art . Writing is an art because it paints vivid pictures of truth without speaking a word increasing substance within my soul

2 . Describe your academic interests and how you plan to pursue them at USC

I have a strong , well-thought out plan for my business degree at USC- our economy needs well-educated , skillful individuals to make a change in the world . Future generations require an advanced knowledge of new technologies and functions of business . A conversation with one professor led to maps of business opportunities within the internet market – mobile marketing , video advertising , and e-commerce database management . I would love to be a part of these changes within the business environment . With the right opportunities , I believe I can become a leading businessperson as I attend USC . I understand how important priorities and a schedule will be in to make the proper transitions . The student organizations will help expand my body of knowledge through consitent interaction as well as projects . My professors and I will undertake research projects because of my love of finding answers to problems . Overall , USC offers everything a business major may need in the competitive atmosphere of business

3 . Why are you planning to transfer to USC

University of South Carolina has an outstanding and award winning communication program . My intention of learning the greatness this school has acquired through the years is number one . The student body is enriched with values of the USC mission and vision this inspires me to be a part of the changing world . II am fully aware of the opportunities available at USC , but the opportunities are only a pinch of the iceberg At this university , I feel that I can grow into a better person by experiencing the life of an USC student . Experience speaks volumes in the world and I want to prepare to face the music as it continues to… [banner_entry_footer]


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