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USC Application Essay

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At a certain point in life , one has to take a pause and see where he is headed and what he has achieved that made his life meaningful . Most of the time , one fails to see the big and clear picture because of certain factors that affects his decisions and might have clouded his judgement and vision . Other times , there is the absence of a motivating factor one that will just stimulate the right responses and steer him to the right direction in life . Just like Newton ‘s First Law of Motion , in [banner_entry_middle]

which an object in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction unless acted upon by an external force , a person ‘s life would run the same course unless acted upon or given the right stimuli to elicit positive responses

In my case , I regarded education as something that can be taken for granted , like the air one breathes in – it is part of living and you really do not give much attention to it because it is there . I have been to three schools already and I failed to see the true essence and value of education because I thought that it was just something that every person has to go through . I did not see how it can alter and change one ‘s life until I met this middle-aged cleaning lady . I cannot really recall how our conversation started but I clearly remember how she described her regret when she told me of how she had to give up her education in to send her young siblings to school . This cleaning lady might not have finished grade school , but I believe she is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met

When her father asked her to stop 6th grade , so her other siblings can have at least an education , she cried but she did not give up her yearning to learn . Instead , she asked her younger siblings what lessons they discussed and did in school . She tried to read as much as possible , collecting the old newss which they wrap their mangoes with . Every free moment she had , she spent reading , sometimes incurring the ire of her father who does not see education as a way out of their poverty . In one of the newss , she read about a foreigner looking for a bride . And so despite her apprehensions , she wrote him , wanting so badly to get out of the life she was in . After a lengthy correspondence , they finally met and got married hence she was able to come to the country

Although her husband was very good to her , provided her with her needs she felt something was lacking . She felt she was rotting away because she was not learning . And so , even at her age , she decided to pursue her dream of finishing her education . While she cleans houses and apartments during the day , she goes to school at night – her salary as cleaning lady used… [banner_entry_footer]


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