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US Immigration

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U .S . Immigration

Historical s of ethnic groups are normally aimed at establishing certain pattern of perception and interpretation and as well at as clarifying racial differences and peculiarities . On the other hand , the essays , written by the representatives of American nation sometimes prominently demonstrate biased attitude towards the archetypical `otherness . In Gjerde ‘s book one can find the extracts from historical documents , addressing such ethnic groups as Chinese Mexicans and Hindu

Due to the fact that East Asian immigrants deprived Americans of their work in food production at the [banner_entry_middle]

beginning of the 20th century , the statement about their immorality doesn ‘t seem surprising . The earlier documents assume that Chinese lifestyle is unacceptable for American citizens , due to their immoral beliefs and convictions in family as a basis of sound society . Moreover , such `nominal ‘ households are viewed as pathology : there are apparently few families living as such , with legitimate children (p .276 . Furthermore , J . Blaine argues that Chinese should not be regarded as Christians , as their patterns of social life tremendously differ from those of European immigrants , who seek to settle down and begin family life in the U .S . His arguments seem quite unusual for a modern reader : You cannot work a man who must have beef and bread , alongside of a man , who can live on rice (p .277 . In 1911 , the Asiatic Exclusion league held that Asian immigrants experienced troubles getting along with local communities and integrating into American society . It is important to keep in mind that multiculturalism arose in the U .S . comparatively not long ago , so the beginning of the 20th century was definitely a period of racial discrimination : for instance , Asians (Chinese , Hindu and Japanese ) were charged with their religious beliefs and the extrapolation of their understanding of worship and spirituality onto the Christian land , where they erected they pagan shrines and arranged rituals , which offended contemporary moral tradition

European immigrants , in turn , are portrayed as individuals with low intelligence and poor morality , especially Polish Jews , who adopted American names , but belonged to the distinct religious groups and seemed dangerous due to their craftiness (Levin , 1997 . The ex-Europeans are shown similar to Caliban , the mythological monster : due to the domination of Lombroso ‘s criminological physiognomy , they are regarded as dangerous given their appearance , including large stature and poor active dictionary , which seems an indicator of mental tardiness . That the Mediterranean peoples are morally below the races of Northern Europe is as certain as any social fact . Even when they were dirty , ferocious barbarians , these blonds were truthtellers [ .] Immigration officials find that the different peoples are as day and night in point of veracity , and report vast trouble in extracting the truth from certain brunet nationalities (p .285 . Even the closest `siblings ‘ of Americans , the British , are also described as narrow-minded people , who have no ambitions or aspirations (Levin , 1997 , Fraser , 1995

Mexican immigrants are depicted by Mr .Box as impulsive individuals whose blood contain the mixture of Mediterranean , Spanish and Indian… [banner_entry_footer]


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