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History , Settlement

As a city , Anchorage did not develop until relatively recently in American history . In fact , it was not incorporated until 1923 . People had been living in Anchorage for many years before this , however . Like most of America , the area around Anchorage , Alaska was first populated as a trading post , due to the coastal waterways surrounding Anchorage It was first populated as Captain Cook in 1778 was looking for the elusive Northwest Passage . The land upon which Anchorage stands was discovered on Captain Cook ‘s third attempt to find the Northwest [banner_entry_middle]

br Passage , and one of the arms of the inlet he mistook as a river , which he named River Turnagain . Later , George Vancouver renamed the inlet Turnagain Arm (Anchorage Chamber of Commerce , 2005 . The Russians also heavily explored the area and setup trading posts throughout the area The second factor for the location of Anchorage is the discovery of gold . In 1888 , gold was discovered in the region , causing the Alaskan Gold Rush and bringing thousands of Americans to the area to find their fame and fortune . One of the most famous gold rush settlements was James Girdwood ‘s stake 40 miles south of Anchorage at the Crow Creek Mine . In 1912 , Alaska became an official territory of the United States . The third reason for the present day location of Anchorage was the construction of the Alaskan Railroad . Anchorage was founded when the United States Congress commissioned the first railroad funded by the government and constructed across the Alaskan lands . In 1915 the route was established , and 2000 Americans flooded to the Ship Creek Valley to begin work on the railroad . On July 9 , 1915 president Woodrow Wilson initiated the Great Anchorage Lot Sale ‘ where the first 600 plots of land in Anchorage were sold . Businesses spread along 4th avenue , and a school was built , thus creating the first metropolitan area of Anchorage (Anchorage Chamber of Commerce , 2005 . In 1923 , the Alaskan railway was finished , from Seward to Fairbanks , passing through Anchorage . The fourth reason Anchorage stands where it does today is because of the event of WWII and the threat of the Japanese and Russians . Anchorage and Alaska are strategically located close to Russia and Japan . In 1947 the government begins development of the Fort Richardson Army Post and the Elmendorf Air Force Base . During WWII , Alaska experienced a sharp growth in infrastructure and population during those years . Finally the discovery of oil in Alaska in 1968 caused the most recent boom in Anchorage ‘s growth . In 1974 construction began on the trans-Alaska pipeline system , resulting in a modern day boom as the construction and engineering companies setup headquarters in Anchorage

Regional Context

Anchorage is located in Southeast Alaska (see map below . It is bed by the Chugach Mountains and glaciers to the east , the west and northwest by branches of Cook ‘s Inlet (the farthest north the Pacific Ocean reaches , Mount McKinley to the North , and the Kenai Peninsula to the south . There are over 40 active… [banner_entry_footer]


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