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Reaction to Stephen King Statement about Horror Movies

Why people crave for horror movies ? The statement of Stephen King concerning this query is summarized below . He advocated that we are all mentally ill , and to show that we can , that we are not afraid , that we can ride this roller coaster . Also , this is a very peculiar sort of fun indeed . The fun comes from seeing others menaced-sometimes killed . The potential lyncher is in almost all of us (excluding saints , past and present but then , most saints have been crazy in their , own [banner_entry_middle]

ways , It is morbidity unchained , our most base instincts let free , our nastiest fantasies realized .and it all happens , fittingly enough , in the dark It deliberately appealing to all that is worst in us

I would God created everyone good . According to the Bible , God created man and saw that it was good ‘ The reasons why people crave for horror movies are plenty it all depends on the individual needs and enjoyment . Take for example the experienced of W . David O . Taylor , Migrating to the suburbs of Chicago as a teenager , I discovered a culture of teenagers who watched and loved horror movies . But , why ? I could not understand What was the fascination ? What need did they satisfy ? A good laugh ? A good scare ? Did they not know that these scary things really did exist – on the other side of the veil – with Wormwood and Lucifer in tow Twenty-some years later , I ‘m driving down to my local Blockbuster and there , I buy a one-month pass . With it , and despite all my childhood fears , I rent A Nightmare on Elm Street , The Blair Witch Project , Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula , Carrie , Child ‘s Play , The Exorcist , The Shining Friday the 13th , Species II , Nosferatu and add them to an already-existing list : Psycho , The Others , What Lies Beneath , Alien Silence of the Lambs , Jaws , Gremlins , Sleepy Hollow . I watch them because I must . The theologian in me who pretends to be a scientist needs an answer . Why in heaven ‘s name do horror movies exist ? Where do they come from ? What do I , Naturally , I prayed before watching each one I crossed myself . I said the “Our Father ” I sprinkled a dash of holy water on The Exorcist DVD case . Better safe than sorry , I figured Sitting there with my eyes scrunched up , squinting at all this blood and terror , I found myself asking : Is the horror genre simply unredeemable Is it fallen ? Misunderstood ? What ? So I decided to go on a quest . A quest ! I began with a basic question : What is horror ? Because understanding horror will help us understand and answer why people crave for horror movies . Horror , I soon discovered , is a way for us humans to deal with three of our most primal fears : the fear of the dark , whether in the natural or supernatural world the fear of the future , including our immediate future as well as the far-flung apocalyptic and the fear of… [banner_entry_footer]


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